Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas at the Capitol 2012

Another tradition. Christmas at the Capitol. There are about 100 trees, thousands and thousands of ornaments, and hundreds of thousands of lights. In the evenings, they usually have musical entertainment too. We usually go there about 4 times. Once by ourselves, once with my parents, once with Cody's parents, and usually another time here or there.

A great time was had. We usually try going on Thanksgiving weekend sometime to get in the Christmas mood!

Amazing that this was only about a month ago and she couldn't hold her head up at all.

The girls

 I love this one with Grace totally checking out the trees and decorations...along with the endless rows of trees. They are all decorated by organizations, companies, schools, etc. from across the state.

Whhhhhatttt?!!! An upside down tree? Grace thought this was hilarious. And 'not very Christmas-y." Doesn't  miss anything.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Beautiful Chaos

Snuggling on the sofa. Playing games together. Bath time. Popcorn and snacks. All common occurrences around our house in the evenings. Thought I'd capture a bit of the relaxed chaos at the house to keep things real on the blog.
Uno Moo - one of our favorite games - recommend it to families! Easy going game that you don't have to think about!

Love these little toes and fingers!

Wet hair from a bath, games with the family, fun!

Somebody is all stretched out a comfy. Don't be fooled. She really doesn't want to participate in family functions, she just hangs around trying to make you think she wants to be pet. Don't. Do. It. You've been warned.

Cozy socks, jammies, and Uno Moo. Our idea of a good night.

Can't forget to throw in a tickle torture!

Everyday chaos.

There's always something. Someone always needs something, someones always calling "Mom" or "Katy" or if you're Annie, just calling for some love. I wouldn't have it any other way. Their calling means they know I'll answer. If we're not sleeping we're busy. We're busy with friends, family, company, work, errands or just busy playing games at home. Sleep is our only time to veg out. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love this life of mine.

Parade of Lights

Every year after Thanksgiving Pierre has a parade of lights. The photos I took didn't turn out great, but it was a fun time and a good tradition to have - so I'll post despite yucky photos.

It was quite chilly, but a good time. There were certainly some "interesting floats," some nice ones, and some that left something to be desired! :) Of course, Santa was the last float in the parade - exciting!!!

Anners even got to come along. She stayed bundled up in her carseat with her CoCo, hat, and cozy blankees. I was jealous of her.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

First Real Giggles

Merry Christmas again all. I had to get this up here today. Flash back to last night around bath time. We were just hanging around the house, Annie was nakie getting ready for her bath. Grace came over and was talking to Annie. The result was for some reason Grace was saying "Now I am a horse" and Annie thought it was hilarious!!!! 

No idea why this was so funny to Annie, but it had us all melted. Even though I'll always remember this moment, I'm so glad that we have it on video. Even if it is blurry. We'll have to train Cody that he needs to hold his phone the other way when videoing! :)

I seriously had tears in my eyes. Made my heart so happy that Grace got Annie's first real giggles out. These two are going to have a pretty special relationship I think. Even the Grandma in church last night sincerely commented on how great of a sister Grace is to Little Annie.

Melt. I feel like my heart could have melted all of the snow in Pierre it was so happy! :)

Merry Christmas!

To all of our friends and family, we wish you the very best on this Christmas Day. May your day be filled with laughter, fun, family, blessings, and most of all a full heart on this day to celebrate Jesus's birthday. Eat lots, tell your family you love them, and hold them close.

Christmas is so very fun, magical and exciting for children. I love the traditions that our family has, and I hope they are something that my girls look forward to taking part in every year. I also hope that as they continue to grow, that I'm a good enough Momma to teach them the true meaning of Christmas alongside continuing to excite them with all the fun Christmas time happenings.

From the Richter house to yours, we wish you the best and merriest time of the year. Travel safe, and we hope to visit many family and friends in the coming year.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Grace was sitting on the sofa with Annie, and I heard this obnoxious noise.
Me: "Grace was that Annie?"
Grace: "No, it was my bottom! My toot sounded like a dolphin!"

I was singing like a crazy lady in the car, look back and I get the most disgusted annoyed look from Grace with a "Wow Mom." And that's all she had to say about it.

Grace: "Mom, I don't want to get married."
Me: "Why not?"
Grace: "Because I don't want to have any kids. They are a lot of work. Annie and I are a lot of work aren't we mom."

I was giving Annie a dose from the nebulizer, which is a vapor form for a medication. Grace came STOMPING in and said:
Then ran out and said to my Mom, Dad and Cody:
Grace: "Mom is blowing smoke on Annie!"

Perfect, great, I'm sure if she said that her to kindergarten teacher she'd be impressed! Closet smoker Mom blowing it on her infant! Similar to this one which happened a few years ago...

We were eating at the Cattlemen's and Grace and Grandma Michele would always "race" to see who could get done faster, basically to encourage Grace to stop dinking around and concentrate on her food. Grace won, and the waitress came by:

Grace: "My Grandma beat me!"

Awesome, the waitress now thinks your Grandma is a child abuser.

Getting a couple syllables mixed around:
Grace: "Nice pocking star Dad!"
(supposed to be, nice parking spot!)

And of course, a look at what it's like to drive with two little drama queens to Grandma's house for Christmas. We ended up having to make a blanket fort to keep all complaints about the sun at bay. Always something.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Peas in a Pod

Michele captured my girls best here. Blondie loving on Little One. I have a feeling they are going to have an awesome friendship when they get older. Can't wait.

Annie by Michele

Michele got some good ones of Annie too. Love the innocence captured in these photos, the light shining in her ducky hair, her sleepy cheeks, clenched fists, long lashes and her ever giving grin.

What a babe! Love her to pieces. While I would like to say I'm sad she's growing up so fast, I can't. The stage she is getting into is so much fun. She personable with people, she loves to smile, giggle, kick around and interact with her sister. I loved snuggling her up as a babe, but I'm loving her shining and developing personality too.

Grace by Michele

Of course, the best time the kids behave for the camera is when Mom isn't standing around trying to fix hair, constantly saying "smile, no smile for real." So when my Michele, my mother in law, was at our house just before Thanksgiving while I was in New York City and Cody was deer hunting, she captured some fun photos of the girls. There are plenty of each of them so I'm sharing a a few separate posts.

She's getting way too big way too fast. She's a beauty. I can't get over how pretty she is becoming, she's not little anymore, makes me sad to see her babyness go away, but excited to see what type of girls she's becoming.

Thanks Michele for capturing this fun stage she's in. I love these pictures. On the brink of so many things!