Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving this year was nice and quiet. We traveled to Minnesota to have Thanksgiving with just my parents on Thanksgiving Day. I, however, was not so quiet when Neil Diamond was singing on our float, Mount Rushmore's American Pride, in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He totally rocked singing that - and moved the entire country! We had comments regarding our float and his performance flowing in like crazy to the office.

We had a nice time relaxing, playing games, exploring outside and doing a bit of shopping on "Black Friday." We aren't die-hards or anything - in fact, we didn't even leave the house until after 9:30 - we still found some deals!

Saturday, we packed up and headed to Springfield, Minnesota where my Grandpa has recently purchased a condo/apartment that is nearby the nursing home my grandmother has been staying in. Almost everyone was able to make it to this Thanksgiving celebration - it was great to see everyone since we only get to once or twice a year.

Grace had a blast playing with her cousins (actually, second cousins). Two of my cousins have children right around Grace's age. All together there are 5 little girls, three of which are 4 years old! They have a screaming (literally) blast together and played very nicely.

Here are four of the five girlies - baby girl Evelyn (3 months) was snuggling with her Momma and isn't quite ready to participate in the fun with these big girls. This was the best picture as it's hard for this wiggle worms to sit still for very long. Plus, they all had orange lips, teeth and fingers from snacking on cheese balls!

I'm sure my cousin Emily had lots more pictures from this day, I wasn't very good at getting my camera out. The only other picture I have from the day is of Grace and Ava with my cousin Reece. Seems like Bierman boys (especially Grandpa Wally, my dad, my uncle Dave, cousin Reece, cousin Chase and Nate) are all good at getting these little girls riled up and playfully picking on them - it's just a Bierman thing.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving - can't believe I'm already wrapping up Christmas trees and our advent calendar shows that we're nearly to Christmas.

Holiday blessings!

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