Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I still have to get to updating the switcheroo that we have going on in the downstairs basement. I moved the playroom and the bedroom around (again, kind of). It's so much more functional now. The bedroom has a fan, and the playroom has more space for G and all of her misc. junk (it's NOT junk MOM!...it's my TOYS!).

Anyway G + Lola. A major love hate relationship. Similar to the Cody/Lola, Katy/Remi, Grace/Remi relationships that we have going on in our house.

G and Lola love to argue about Lola sleeping in Grace's baby's bed...about if Lola should be in the middle of Grace's play space, if Lola should be attacking Grace's feet under the covers with snuggling in her real bed, and if Lola should or should not be chewing on all of Grace's junk toys.

Here they are...getting along. Kind of.
Grace and her daddy doll...Can't play dollhouse without having dress shoes on!

Uhh, Mom, you're totally interrupting my playtime.
Smile! And Lola is apparently very bored.

Hopefully we'll be back with more soon!
Until then...

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