Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I still have to get to updating the switcheroo that we have going on in the downstairs basement. I moved the playroom and the bedroom around (again, kind of). It's so much more functional now. The bedroom has a fan, and the playroom has more space for G and all of her misc. junk (it's NOT junk MOM!...it's my TOYS!).

Anyway G + Lola. A major love hate relationship. Similar to the Cody/Lola, Katy/Remi, Grace/Remi relationships that we have going on in our house.

G and Lola love to argue about Lola sleeping in Grace's baby's bed...about if Lola should be in the middle of Grace's play space, if Lola should be attacking Grace's feet under the covers with snuggling in her real bed, and if Lola should or should not be chewing on all of Grace's junk toys.

Here they are...getting along. Kind of.
Grace and her daddy doll...Can't play dollhouse without having dress shoes on!

Uhh, Mom, you're totally interrupting my playtime.
Smile! And Lola is apparently very bored.

Hopefully we'll be back with more soon!
Until then...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lots of fun in NYC

Hello from the Big Apple! It was quite the adventure getting here from South Dakota in some snowy weather. But, here we are....it was a great successful day in NYC. The Presidents from Mount Rushmore were on the move to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the completion of Mount Rushmore...their gift to America is a free vacation for four to the Black Hills of South Dakota, including airfare, lodging, rental car and exclusive activities in the Black Hills.

It's been great fun getting this trip planned and finalized, but I'm certainly glad that were here now and executing, much easier in a way. This will be the second year South Dakota Tourism has a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Exciting news, Neil Diamond will be performing on our float this years (excuse the thump thump of my heart...I love Neil Diamond's Christmas stuff).

 This will basically sound like I'm promoting our efforts (which I kind of am, but it's good stuff, so I have to share.) to enter for the giveaway were enjoying people to visit this landing page, they can also register on facebook. I addition to those fun pages, we also have a nice video, here...I love this video, very moving!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Off to the Big Apple

We woke up this morning to at least 4 inches of snow on the ground, and snowed throughout the morning, we probably have 6 or so inches by now. Of course, we get our first beautifully wet snowfall on the day that I'm supposed to be flying out to New York City for a few days!

I was going to drive to Rapid City to catch our flight, but instead got the flight changed so that I can fly out of Pierre so there wouldn't be any winter weather driving involved. Thank goodness! We'll still get to NYC by our scheduled time.

I'm headed out there for the Presidents of Mount Rushmore's big 70th anniversary celebration! We're bringing mascots to do some street team efforts out there in conjunction with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, which we have a float in this year. Exciting stuff! I cannot wait to hit the streets and talk to people of all kinds about vacationing in South Dakota!

I'll leave you with this picture, and expect some updates from me while I'm gone. Hopefully I'll get around to it with all of the other social media conversing that I'll be doing.

This was obviously not taken today, as you can see green grass - today we just see white! This was taken last week sometime...however, we did already break in the snowboats, mittens, hat, snowpants, and winter coat for a little winter fun this morning... !!! :)

Dining Table

It's been awhile again - we've had a busy fall and have been all over the place, and enjoying company at home. About a month or so ago, we FINALLY got the new dining room table we had been waiting to purchase. So far, the review: we love it. It's a great space for us everyday, plus it gets bigger for when we have larger groups of company. Perfect!!!

Here are a couple shots - the lighting isn't good on it, but you'll get the picture! We know we'll enjoy it for family gatherings, meals, crafting, and visiting.

So that's that!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The #RoosterRush has been on for almost a month already. In early October we headed up to Minneapolis to not only promote pheasant hunting in South Dakota at the Minnesota Vikings game for my work, but we were also able to visit family at the same time - it really worked out nicely. We also did a Rooster Rush promotion on the plaza last year...this year was very similar, except we gave away pull-out banners instead of collapsible dog bowls. However, we still had a great Hunt and Gear giveaway to promote - lots of fun!

This post will be all about our time at the Vikings Game. The plaza and dome were plastered with orange!

Vikings Purple and Rooster Rush Orange...great combination.

I'll  post pictures of our nice family visit as well. It was great seeing everyone again - it had been awhile.

Stinky Dog!

Cody has been able to get out and shoot some roosters this year with the nice fall that we've had. Remi has also been enjoying hunting quite a bit this year. Unfortunately, she got herself into a stinky situation last week. She ran into a skunk! Or, as Grace would call it, a STUNK! And STUNK she did! Whew! She was banned to hanging out outside and in her kennel in the garage for a few days.

Until I found...SKUNK OFF! Ta-da!

That meant she had to come into the bathroom for a bath in the tub. We weren't about to freeze our hands off washing her outside!

As you can see, Lola was also interested in the action...

Cody's parents came on the day of the bath, and lucky for Remi's sister Macy who came along, the SKUNK off totally worked. THANK GOODNESS!

Remi's really caused her fair share of trouble around the house in recent months.

Tricks and Treats

We had great a week of trick and treating this week. Grace had decided that she wanted to be a princess butterfly, again. I don't think I've mentioned it before, but Halloween isn't one of my favorite holidays - I give my mother grief because I swear I was a bunny at least 10 times. So, now, Grace wants to be the same thing as last year, and I'm feeling a bit like a lame mom. We were fortunately able to change up the costume enough to look different.

We first enjoyed a cool evening walking through Hilger's Gulch on Sunday night. It was a nice little prep to Halloween night. On Halloween, Grace first enjoyed trick or treating around my office, some co-workers really did a great job decorating the office! Then we went out and about with our girlfriends..Cody was sick :( Here's some photos of my princess butterfly.

The girls enjoying the evening…

And that was our Halloween! I cannot believe that the holidays are right around the corner. Time to start the Christmas lists, and before we know it, yummy treat and baking!