Monday, October 24, 2011

Roundup Press Trip

In conjunction with the Buffalo Roundup itself, our office holds a press trip hosting travel writers from across the globe to share the South Dakota story with them. There are several highlights of the trip each year, but thought that I'd pull out a couple images that stood out to me telling the story of our week long journey across western South Dakota. 

Reptile Garden's is a don't miss place in the Black Hills. It's not only super cool to learn about and experience those animals very close-up and personally, but they also have a fantastic botanical garden that looks great year round. Here's a shot that I loved...

Crow Peak Brewery in Spearfish was a neat experience. Here are a couple of our journalists getting to know a friendly face at the brewery.

Now, if you're up for something that you likely have never experienced before, and you're an artists...the Termesphere Gallery in Spearfish is worth checking out. His art gives a whole new perspective. The spheres are operated by a system that keeps them turning in the gallery. His art showcases a location that you feel like you're getting a 360 degree view. Or, it's art that just really makes your mind think.

And of course our trip this fall would not have been complete without a hike through Spearfish Canyon. We chose to check some of the major waterfalls.

Roughlock Falls...

Down by Little Spearfish Falls. Here are a few of the fantastic ladies that I get to work with. It's great being able to get out on the road with my fun co-workers.

Little Spearfish Falls...

For the actual Governor's Roundup Festivities we went to Crazy Horse, we were able to see a major blast!

Before going up on the arm of Crazy Horse. This view amazes me each time I'm up there. It's a HUGE mountain carving. When complete, it will be the largest in the world. MUCH MUCH larger than Mount Rushmore.

Here are all of my charming co-workers. We make up two great teams! We head up the domestic media, and the other team heads up the international folk.

The eyes really stand out to me as conveying a lot of emotion.

Like I said, that's just a peak at our adventures. We also went to places like Wall Drug (got my fill of maple covered donuts) the Badlands, through Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery, and toured Rapid City. A great, great trip with wonderful guests.

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  1. wow beautiful photos!! You have so awesome talent! :)


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