Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pups - 5 Weeks

Michele came to visit us for a few days a couple weeks ago. This post is a bit behind and I have some catching up to do, but remember, I said I was taking a brief hiatus? Well, these are the 5 week photos of the pups. Michele was working on capturing some cute pictures of the pups, so I couldn't help but get some of these, she never lets me take pictures of her...she was clearly distracted.

Someone else saw that Michele was distracted and took the opportunity to chew on her camera bag.

Love this...

Chewing shoes - already. Stinkers.

She's going to take after her Grandma I think!

SO happy to be outside playing with puppies. We're so glad the pups were born during the nice summer/fall weather and not during the middle of winter.
Michele and her favorite - Chloe - aka Tiny

It's been a crazy couple weeks at our house since the pups have gotten older and MUCH more active. They have been terrorizing the backyard, which is okay since it's fall and the plants will die back anyway, and been finding all kinds of mischief around the house. We're so grateful to have the laundry room to keep them in, the fenced in backyard and of course, the nice weather.

I think as much as we're looking forward to not having 11 dogs around the house, we'll miss them. :( I'm leaving next week for the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup, so when I get home, their might not be any more pups! Which is a good and bad thing.

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