Thursday, September 15, 2011

Puppy Portraits

I had the grand idea of putting all of the puppies back in the drawer for another photo session. Ya, not so much. They have a serious case of the wiggles, and always jump out. Good thing I stuck them in there when I did! Instead, I had my wonderful assistant (Auntie Ashley) help me get some individual portraits.

Some of them look all sad-panda-face (my words for just sad)...but it's only because I tried getting them as tired as possible before these pictures so they would get their wiggles out. Fail. It only caused sad-panda-faced-puppies-who-still have-the-wiggles. Goodness. Here ya are, all ten pups, in all their sad-panda-faced glory.

I had switched-up verses of "10 little monkeys jumping on the bed" running through my head...but more like "10 little puppies jumpin' out the drawer."

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