Thursday, September 29, 2011

Puppy Destruction

The pups are all off and to good homes. We got lucky and a few close friends and some family members took some, so we will be able to watch them grow...and of course, hear all the new puppy drama, from the families!

Remi has already adjusted just fine, and Grace doesn't seem to miss them any more than I do. I think we have enough going on in our lives, that while the puppies were a huge job, they were just a small portion of our CRaZy life!

I had meant to get these up sooner, but it just didn't happen. While I was so very grateful to have a closed off, tiled laundry room to keep these maniacs in, I was even more grateful to have a fenced in backyard to let them explore on their own in. They seemed to have thought that my garden, that I carefully weeded and watered all summer, was their own personal jungle. Their teeth were their machetes, and they tore through everything! The little buggers are lucky it was fall and everything was going to die or be cut back anyway. Here's a little preview on puppy destruction in the back yard.

See the tall plant on the right above? There was one just like it about where the black pup on the far upper right is standing. It is so long gone.

Mass craziness. This poor petunia plant was trampled.

Proof of their machete teeth. Right behind it you can see where the other tall plant once was.

Looking so innocent.

Michele and Kevin, I think that this is Chloe.


  1. Soooo glad you posted this!!! Show's what it's really like raising puppies! I took pictures of our yard a few days ago(but didn't post it yet, we still have a bunch of puppies to get rid of)! We have 2 HUGE holes they've dug and destroyed my ruhbarb plants! OFTA!

  2. @Heather
    Heather - aren't they just little buggers! So hard to get mad at them, they are so cute and JUST EXPLORING!! :) I think it's insane that we both had SO many to deal with. 5 or 6 would have been a BREEZE!


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