Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out with the (Bright) Orange

Last weekend my mom and I hit up some garage sales around town. We thought we would be coming up empty handed - and nearly did until we spotted this beauty. I paid $5 for it!

We knew it had potential! So we brought it home (spider eggs...eww..and all). Got her cleaned up de-bugged and onto brighter days. I only had my mom for the weekend, so we got to work right away.

A few more befores...

Spiffy fabric, huh?
Here's what we did with it. Gave her a good sanding and broke out some oil-rubbed-bronze spray paint. Yup, all I did was spray her down. I was hoping this ORB spray wouldn't have turned out SO dark, but it's just fine for downstairs. We tore off the old fabric and used it for a pattern to cut out the new. Reattaching the new upholstery proved to be an interesting task, but my mom and I got her done. It was a fun project for my mom and I to work on together - I can't wait until our next furniture makeover!

The afters...excuse the pretty kitty who feels the need to model the chair...


I'm joining this project up with I Heart Organizing's Spray Paint Link Party!

IHeart Organizing

Spray your hearts out girls!

Update - the fabric was bought at Wal-Mart.


  1. WOOOW!! Katyln, nice work! I LOVE IT! :)

  2. Thanks Heather, I really like how it turned out too. Lola's claimed it as her own!

  3. I can't believe that is the same chair! WOW - great transformation. :)

  4. @Raechel @ Our Island Outlook
    Thanks Rae! It's a fun little piece to our living room now...I love it, if I can get Lola out of it, I'd sit in it all the time! :)

  5. Oh My Gosh!!! That is beautiful! I think I need to join you and your mom sometime, because THAT is right up my alley! Awesome transformation, and you can't beat $5!

  6. Just saw your chair featured on Better After and popped over to read more.

    Great makeover! Love that fabric!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  7. I bought one just like that for $5 but I haven't done anything with it yet!! How did you end up putting the fabric back on? Mine is literally almost exactly like it but its a oval chair instead of boxy

  8. Thanks Bunny Jean and Jenn!

    Jenn, I stripped the fabric off the old in one large piece so I could use it as a template. I made the slits where the arms and legs were attached, this was probably the part that I skimped on the most, but wish I would have taken more time at.

    Then I just set the other fabric on and worked front to back/side to side alternatively so that the fabric wouldn't stretch too much one way or another.

    I used a staple gun to attach the fabric, and covered that with the tan roping along the edge which I attached with a hot glue gun.

    I also used the same batting/cushion that was already in the chair, just added one fresh piece on top to make the look "smooth."

    Jenn, you'll have to stop back here and post a link when yours is done!

  9. Such vision you have! Absolutely, regal and beautiful!

  10. Hello.
    I was surprised to see that my Pixy has a twin (lola) in your home.

    they are the cutest!

  11. @Ella and Pam
    Thanks Pam! And YES, Ella that is too funny! They are like twins - same markings and face! Lola Cat is grey and white where it looks like yours is brownish and white, but same markings! Funny they have "met" through blogging!

  12. That is spectacular! I found you over on my el favorito blog, BetterAfter. Annnnnd I would be overjoyed if you'd come link this up over at the webs newest part, Trash To Treasures Tuesdays happening this week over at Kammy's Korner! And if you have any other amazingness to show us, by all means, let us in on the aewsomeness!Thanks!!!

  13. @Kammy Wielenga Thanks for the compliments Kammy! I've linked up to your party! Congrats on your first linky party!

  14. This is simple incredible. I am now on the hunt for a chair.


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