Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Instant Satisfaction

It's been awhile since I posted a little preview on an instant satisfaction project that I had going on at home. Cody was gone for the day helping mow lawn at his grandparents, and I was on to freshen up the laundry/puppy room.

One quick and easy way to give this room a face lift was to repaint the trim and I decided to paint the doors in the room as well.

Here are the befores:

First of all - whoa, dirty. Keep in mind this is where Remi stays.

HELLO Nasty Trim!!!?? Did the previous owners never finish painting the door trim in this place or what? I cannot believe I lived this long with not dealing with it.

Plain Jane door..white on both sides

Another view - Yes, I know the trim and plain door is the least of my worries in this room. It needs A LOT of help.

And afters...
So, on to the painting. I picked brown for the interior of two of the doors. I was sick of looking at the grubby area toward the bottom where Remi noses the door on her way out. Yes, I know that painting the door brown will not make the dirt go away...just camouflage, and I'm good with that! The exterior of the door that goes out to the deck got a nice coat of reddish brick color.
Inside of door #1

Outside of door #1

Close up of exterior door. Liked how the color turned out.

Inside of door #2

And ahhhh, fresh trim!

How about that pegboard for the walls? Yike... Of course, I'd love to finish the ceiling and put drywall up. I'd also love to close off some of the laundry and utilities in there. Is it going to happen anytime soon - of course not. We'll just keep making a few improvements here and there to keep me distracted from the larger issues.

Painting trim and doors = instant satisfaction for this girl! It's a bit addicting! I quickly moved on to some other trim in the lower level that needed touch-ups. Purdy!

More on the laundry room later - once I get moving in there!

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