Thursday, September 29, 2011

Puppy Destruction

The pups are all off and to good homes. We got lucky and a few close friends and some family members took some, so we will be able to watch them grow...and of course, hear all the new puppy drama, from the families!

Remi has already adjusted just fine, and Grace doesn't seem to miss them any more than I do. I think we have enough going on in our lives, that while the puppies were a huge job, they were just a small portion of our CRaZy life!

I had meant to get these up sooner, but it just didn't happen. While I was so very grateful to have a closed off, tiled laundry room to keep these maniacs in, I was even more grateful to have a fenced in backyard to let them explore on their own in. They seemed to have thought that my garden, that I carefully weeded and watered all summer, was their own personal jungle. Their teeth were their machetes, and they tore through everything! The little buggers are lucky it was fall and everything was going to die or be cut back anyway. Here's a little preview on puppy destruction in the back yard.

See the tall plant on the right above? There was one just like it about where the black pup on the far upper right is standing. It is so long gone.

Mass craziness. This poor petunia plant was trampled.

Proof of their machete teeth. Right behind it you can see where the other tall plant once was.

Looking so innocent.

Michele and Kevin, I think that this is Chloe.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home sweet home!

I'm back after a fantastic, but exhausting, week in the Black Hills.

I'll be here to share more pictures from the trip very soon, but wanted to at least give you a sneak peak at a new perspective of the buffalo roundup. Here's what the fence sees....This video is certainly buffalo vs fence, and surprise, the buffalo win!

More later!

(This didn't work earlier, sorry, hopefully it works now!)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy September!

Wow, it's been a busy last couple weeks. And things around Richter World are about to get a whole lot more hectic. I'll be saying cheers to September now, since I'll be out and about exploring the great state of South Dakota from now until the end of the month.

Remember last year when I posted pictures from the Buffalo Roundup? It's quite a good time, you know, I'll be corralling buffalo...wait...nope, that's not my job...I'll just be corralling journalists! In all seriousness, it's a super good time, but LOTS of work. So, you'll hear some great stories from me on that when I get back. Here's a few reminder images:

And of course throughout the week we do other fun things like ride the 1880 Train, chuckwagon dinners, and visit the men carved in the mountain.
Photo by Chad Coppess

Oh, and this weekend I'm off to Aberdeen to enjoy the South Dakota Film Festival. It's always a great time and I'm really looking forward to the festival this year. Here's myself, Wanda and Kyle Eastwood at last year's festival.
Photo by Greg Gilbertson

So, it will be an insane next couple weeks, but in the end, it will be worth it. I'll miss my lil G, and it will be weird knowing that most of the puppies will be gone by the time I get back home. Strange! It's bittersweet as I cannot wait to stop cleaning up after them and Remi, but I'll miss their little faces!
Maybe I'll get time to post a quick update or two, but perhaps you'll hear from me in October! Enjoy the rest of Sweet September!

Puppy Portraits

I had the grand idea of putting all of the puppies back in the drawer for another photo session. Ya, not so much. They have a serious case of the wiggles, and always jump out. Good thing I stuck them in there when I did! Instead, I had my wonderful assistant (Auntie Ashley) help me get some individual portraits.

Some of them look all sad-panda-face (my words for just sad)...but it's only because I tried getting them as tired as possible before these pictures so they would get their wiggles out. Fail. It only caused sad-panda-faced-puppies-who-still have-the-wiggles. Goodness. Here ya are, all ten pups, in all their sad-panda-faced glory.

I had switched-up verses of "10 little monkeys jumping on the bed" running through my head...but more like "10 little puppies jumpin' out the drawer."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pups - 5 Weeks

Michele came to visit us for a few days a couple weeks ago. This post is a bit behind and I have some catching up to do, but remember, I said I was taking a brief hiatus? Well, these are the 5 week photos of the pups. Michele was working on capturing some cute pictures of the pups, so I couldn't help but get some of these, she never lets me take pictures of her...she was clearly distracted.

Someone else saw that Michele was distracted and took the opportunity to chew on her camera bag.

Love this...

Chewing shoes - already. Stinkers.

She's going to take after her Grandma I think!

SO happy to be outside playing with puppies. We're so glad the pups were born during the nice summer/fall weather and not during the middle of winter.
Michele and her favorite - Chloe - aka Tiny

It's been a crazy couple weeks at our house since the pups have gotten older and MUCH more active. They have been terrorizing the backyard, which is okay since it's fall and the plants will die back anyway, and been finding all kinds of mischief around the house. We're so grateful to have the laundry room to keep them in, the fenced in backyard and of course, the nice weather.

I think as much as we're looking forward to not having 11 dogs around the house, we'll miss them. :( I'm leaving next week for the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup, so when I get home, their might not be any more pups! Which is a good and bad thing.

Oh, the choices...of color.

I'm having a dilemma. Remember G's room?

Well, I found a mirror at a garage sale and I'm trying to figure out what color to paint it.

The colors in this picture are a bit off. Basically, I was deciding between white, yellow, green (more of a true lime green - this picture shows it as a grellow), orange or turquoise (not pictured). I think that pink, dark pink and red are out, just because her walls are already pink.

Here's a reminder of some of the colors from her room:

You can't really tell from this picture, but there is a bit of blue in the quilt, pictured up by the pink/orange flower.

Her room is due for a quickie update on the blog, so once we get the mirror done, we'll be back with an update. There have been a few additions/replacements going on in here.

So, comment below which color you think might look best.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out with the (Bright) Orange

Last weekend my mom and I hit up some garage sales around town. We thought we would be coming up empty handed - and nearly did until we spotted this beauty. I paid $5 for it!

We knew it had potential! So we brought it home (spider eggs...eww..and all). Got her cleaned up de-bugged and onto brighter days. I only had my mom for the weekend, so we got to work right away.

A few more befores...

Spiffy fabric, huh?
Here's what we did with it. Gave her a good sanding and broke out some oil-rubbed-bronze spray paint. Yup, all I did was spray her down. I was hoping this ORB spray wouldn't have turned out SO dark, but it's just fine for downstairs. We tore off the old fabric and used it for a pattern to cut out the new. Reattaching the new upholstery proved to be an interesting task, but my mom and I got her done. It was a fun project for my mom and I to work on together - I can't wait until our next furniture makeover!

The afters...excuse the pretty kitty who feels the need to model the chair...


I'm joining this project up with I Heart Organizing's Spray Paint Link Party!

IHeart Organizing

Spray your hearts out girls!

Update - the fabric was bought at Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


G had her first day of preschool this week. She was THRILLED. She went to orientation last week and could not stop talking about her teachers, her school, all the things to do, and how excited she was.

On her way! Huge smile!

She wasn't impressed with me about stopping to pose for a picture. She wanted to get in there. She even colored pictures for her teachers in hopes to schmooze them over. Typical G.

Literally RUNNING in and not looking back. Also typical.

Can't get in there fast enough

Wow, she's growing up way too fast. And according to her, the next step after preschool is COLLEGE. With Grace, this doesn't surprise us. She's already asking when she'll be 16. We're on the fast track over here in the Richter's World.