Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thank You!

I do have to say thank you to everyone who celebrated Grace's birthday with us and sent gifts. You were all so very thoughtful. She enjoyed all of her gifts and has been playing her heart out when them all month. THANK YOU!

Below is a special thank you message to Grace's Great Auntie, and my Fairy Godmother. She was feeling a bit under the weather when we took these videos, so that's why we thought she'd love to see this special message. However, I delayed in getting them posted, but I still hope it helps warm her heart.

Here's the first one....It didn't go as well as planned, so we tried again. I thought it was too cute not to post.

Hah! I love this part... "I hope you feel better, because, thank you for the birthday presents, I hope you feel better." She may have got her lines turned around a bit!

And the second one. You can tell she is really trying to concentrate on what we talked about her telling Great Auntie Linda in the video - her face is all scrunched up!

So Fairy Godmother - I hope that you are feeling better these days and are enjoying your new grandbaby. We'll look forward to coming up this fall to see everyone.

Thanks to all who made Grace's birthday so special!

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