Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surprise Wiggle Grandma!

(Still taking a break from the regular scheduled puppy programming - we'll be back shortly with more)
Keeping a secret is hard - especially for a four year old. We knew for months that we were going to be surprising Cody's mom for her 50th birthday. Of course, we didn't tell Grace until the week before. However, that made it difficult to call Grandma on her birthday - so didn't allow her to call - we figured having Grandma suprised was worth it.

Ashley, Cody, Grace and I packed up and headed west (just a few days after the pups were born) to suprise Wiggle Grandma at a cabin in the Hills. And surprised she was! We were all in the cabin when Grandpa and Grandma pulled up. About 12 of us snuck out of the house on to the deck on the second floor and SUPRISED the heck out of Grandma - all the kids (okay the adults too) thought Grandma's surprised face and scream was hilarious!

We had a good time enjoying all of the family together.

Thank heavens for the DVD player in the car. As you can see, all the girls love it.

We saw Alvin & The Chipmunks at the Chubby Chipmunk in Deadwood!
Love their chocolate goodies.

:) Grace enjoyed Grandma's cake

Uncle Dean, Baby C, Erin & Grace enjoyed the deck on a nice afternoon in the Hills

Family picture - I love this one!

Sunday before we left we had a little photo op session. There were lots of cute ones, and I especially love the one with the grandkids & grandparents.

At war in nature! :) Of course, Grace had to tag along with the boys and their quest for finding weapons in nature. She stuck right beside them, skirt, flipflops and all. She's one tough cookie.
Cousin Connor, Grace and Levi

^ This is photography by Grace. She did a pretty good job! I'm so lucky to have 3 sister-in-laws who I can consider sisters! Love them all!
It's fun when the whole family can get together and enjoy each others company. We're fortunate to have everyone within reasonable driving distance. Grace loves her aunties (& uncle dean) and cousins. She's always sad to say goodbye.

Until next time!

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  1. What a beautiful family picture! Your hair is getting so long... love it!


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