Monday, August 15, 2011

Sick Little Miss

I had a sick little miss a few days last week. She ended up getting sick at a friends house so we scooped her up and brought her home to snuggle. Although she wasn't feeling well, she was still her smiley, perky self.

I do have to say that I've found one of my favorite products made just for kiddos. See that little sticker on her head? It's a thermometer reading her temperature. You can see in this picture that there is a N that is "glowing" toward the top. That means she isn't running a temp. If she was, the four other spots have numbers like 99, 100, 101 on there that will change as her temperature does.

All you need to do is stick it on and it will tell you their temperature for 48 hours. Amazing! I thought it was a great way to see what her temp was while she was sleeping. No more annoying thermometers.

And, luckily, our little miss is feeling better and is back in action! Cheers!

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