Thursday, August 25, 2011


We saw our fair share of wildlife while up "fairy dog hunting" on our vacation to the pastures of South Dakota. Grace made friends with a toad, we had a garter snake in the house (when the boys were out hunting and the girls were home alone...we handled just fine) and of course saw antelope (and prairie dogs) in the pasture.

It's known that there are plenty of rattlesnakes in central and western South Dakota. In all the years that my Dad has been out there hunting, he's never seen one.

Until this trip. This guy was not but 30 feet from the place we stayed. Kind of scary that it was so close!

We didn't really want to make friends with this guy. And we certainly didn't feel comfortable just ignoring him in case the next visitors to the sanctuary weren't so lucky to see him before making him mad. Options were to shoot it (wasn't going to work with all the rocks and being so close to the it's a sanctuary after all) or find something to cut it's head off with. Option 2 was voted in. Luckily, it wasn't huge, and it wasn't too mad...yet. We did hear it rattle though.
Certainly a boy job. Cody and Steve took over (note my hubby's flipflops). They got it taken care of and threw the head and body over the edge of the cliff. No one is going down there - it drops off into some pretty rough terrain. We just hope his hole isn't a large nest!
Cody - AKA Jack Hanna - and Steve - Jack Hanna II

We were glad to have it taken care of. It blended in so well that my Dad wonders how many he has been just feet from while he's been out there. He's wearing his snake boots for sure now - even in the hot summer months. It's a long ways to go before you find someone who can give you medical attnetion in this part of the state.

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