Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The puppies are here!

Last weekend we went to the Moreau River Sanctuary with my parents and the family of the man that my Dad prairie dog hunts with. We had a great time (more on that later), but were worried because Remi's pups were due any day. The neighbors were watching and taking care of Remi, we received texts and phone calls while we were gone that she was a-okay.

Sunday night was normal, she acted just fine. On Monday morning August 1, Cody came upstairs and said he thought today was the day! I went down and checked her and she was panting and contracting, we knew they'd be coming sometime that day. 10 minutes later, Cody comes up and says "the first one is black!" Whoo-hoo! Puppies! Here she is with her first pup...

By the time we left for work that morning, she had two black pups. Cody checked on her again and within an hour or so, she had three yellow. I went home at 10, and watched her give birth to one more black and two more yellow. We were at eight! At noon, she had another yellow, and shortly after a yellow after that! She gave birth to 10 puppies! 7 yellow and 3 black.
All lined up by color nursing with Remi.

What a good Momma our pup Remi is! She's been so busy taking care of 10 puppies. I doubt if she's even slept! She is probably totally exhausted! She looks very happy and had taken to motherhood very well.

Puppy pile!

Snuggled up together...sweet things.

I'll likely be posting regularly about the puppies progress. I'm anxious for them to develop more, open their eyes, and overall just fill out and look more like cute puppies!
Grace has been very good about giving Remi her space, giving Remi treats, and watching over all the pups. She was so very worried the first day that something like the incident in 101 Dalmatians was going to happen. She said, "Mom, I don't want those bad guys to come and take all of Remi's puppies in that old truck!" Too much 101 Dalmatians for you my dear!


  1. They are so adorable! I wish you were closer so Myah could see them. I bet Grace is having a lot of fun with them and will have even more fun as they get bigger! Love you all!

  2. Ohhhh my goodness, I have never seen puppies fresh from the womb. What a great experience for Grace to have. So, so cute how she is worried about the goons from 101 Dalmations.


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