Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Puppies - 3 Weeks

Geez, these little stinkers are growing like crazy! They are all over the place this week...and I think the best is yet to come! They charge around their bed area and tug on each others ears and tails. Just this week their teeth started coming in - sharp little things! Tonight we also made some softened puppy food for them - they demolished it! LOVED it. We'll have to get them on a schedule and do some rotating shifts to make sure they all get their fair share. It will be chaos.

I only squeezed about 5 of them into the basket this time. I plan on taking more pictures again this week - because they're so cute!


Hi there!

The yellow lab on the far left...that's my girl Lady. She's so petite and dainty. I just love her.

As you can tell, we're not getting too attached! :) However, Cody likes a different one he's named Mufasa. The biggest one is black, and we call him Tank or Champ. Then the littlest one of them all is yellow and we call her Tiny!

Of course, Grace gets mad because a. they are all named Starlight and b. they are all girls.

Just for fun. They don't like the tile so much...very slippery! Their little paws scoot all over the place and end up doing the splits usually!

Just sweet.

Stay tuned! I have a couple more pictures of Grace to post too. We've been busy the last couple weeks, I just haven't borke out my camera too much.

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