Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prairie Dog Hunting

We interrupt this regularly scheduled puppy programming to get back to the "old Richter life" ... the life without 10 pups. This post is awfully long but full of neat pictures. Stick around if you'd like!

My dad has been prairie dog hunting in South Dakota for about as long as I can remember. He's been wanting to show everyone the places they go, what they do, and how great of a time they have. He's been especially itching to get Cody out there. Early August we packed up our bags and headed north! Weird to say, because my Dad always says they're going out west. We just had to go north!

Grace thinks it's called "fairy dog hunting," I think she thought she was going to see little dogs out there with tutu's and wings. Not the case.

My parents and my dad's "fairy dog hunting" partner Steve and his family picked us up in Pierre. We were headed toward the Moreau River Sanctuary. We didn't know what to expect, but it certainly was above and beyond my expectations. Words can barely describe the beautiful facility we stayed in. It had more than 13 bedrooms, a HUGE double kitchen, a large living area, bathrooms in each bedroom, laundry room, a massage table, the most beautiful furnishings, and anything that you could think of wanting in a home away from home. More on that later.

Here's why we came...

beautiful skyline on the first night

the boys getting the equiptment prepped the first night

my pretty girl

short gator ride the first night

grace and the chickens

Finally! The boys were itching to get out into the pasture to find the "fairy dogs." We weren't sure how long Grace was going to make it - we were actually expecting just a few hours. She surprised us and had great time and was a great girl! We only had one meltdown...tired + hungry + impatient momma= super cranky.  We all had a great time crossing rivers and streams (only got stuck once! good thing we had 2 gators and one four wheeler along).
this was my favorite part of the weekend - just trail riding

just happy!


beautiful land

Poppa's Littlest Girl

YES - Grace shot FAIRY DOGS. She was far from a girlie girl. Poppa helped her line up the shot, and she even pulled the trigger. My cousins in the cities will probably think we're crazy. :) This is our beautifully crazy life!

Brita & Grace - Grace loved her new friends Brita, Clay, Steve and Cindy. Of course, she talked their ear off! :) What's new?

Here's the beautiful place we stayed in.

We lounged, of course AFTER hunting...

And just enjoyed the beautiful facility

We dined together - what a room!

Bierman's + Richter's


All in all we had a great time trail riding, hunting, lounging, cooking and eating good food together, we went to a rodeo in Timber Lake and cheered for the cowboys. Grace even got to bring her Gator along. Fun! I have one follow-up post on an interesting fellow that joined us on our final day at the Moreau River Sanctuary.

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