Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gator Love

My girl is a huge mix of major princess and tom-girl.

She's been enjoying her "Poppa's Kind" Gator, and always asks to go for a Gator walk. However, most of the family know that it's really not a Gator walk - it's a Gator run. She knows how to kick that baby into high gear and take off. She's usually knows her route pretty well and is quite far ahead of us. She's great about stopping at corners and watching for cars. One of my favorite things is when she pulls the lever up to go from low gear to high! She takes right off! That can be seen in the second video.

Don't mind our obnoxious comments about cars coming and crashing into the curb... :)

She can usually jump the curb, but sometimes, if it's a steep one, she'll ram into it and get stuck! Wow - what a maniac. She also has no fear about going downhill extremely fast or plunging off the curb - talk about whiplash. I can't wait until she's 16 - not!

Grace and her neighborhood besties...going for a ride! I love how Cienna is riding in the back. HOLD ON!

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