Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come on Mom!

One of the first things that people ask us when we tell them that Remi had 10 puppies is "are they loud?" I was responding promptly with a "no." Typically we only heard the occasional bark, whine and growl. Of course, during play time it was heightened.  However, today was an exception.

Remi had the whole group riled up. She was teasin' them! She was standing just a few feet beyond their area and they could see her. They wanted brunch! She wasn't havin' it. You can see her appear occasionally in this video.

Wow, huh? Drama, DRAMA!

Haha, the last one makes me giggle. They are sooooo serious!!! Puppy drama.

Now it's time to go clean up the puppy area. I swear, I watched the same puppy poo three separate times (decent size piles) in less than one minute. Seriously. Sorry, that may have been too much information. But, that's why you're here - to see the pups - I'll give you the good, bad, and ugly. 

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