Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday Party Details

Here are all of the details from Grace's party. I hope you enjoy - we certainly had a great party! We forgot to hand out the rainbow popsicles that we had bought...bummer! The lemonade mixins were a huge hit (thanks cousin in-law Erika for sharing your tips!).

I did a lot of inspiration gathering online on addicting!  Thanks to the DesignMom for the great tutorial on the balloon banner. It was great in theory for us, but it was about 95 that day, and I tried hanging it against the siding - pop...PoP...POP! We moved it to the railing of the fence and it was equally as cute. Buggie & Jellybean also helped with some rainbow food ideas. I tried the rainbow oreos, but decided a topping was sufficient for our party. Thanks!

We had a great time and I'm looking forward to her party next year. Who know, maybe we'll have to throw a "back to school" party with some kiddos Grace's age.
Here's the first post about Grace's birthDAY and one from some other party festivities.


  1. Grace's party looked like it was super fun (and cute)! I'm glad the lemonade was a hit too! You did a fantastic job and I'm sure Grace had a wonderful time! Take care :)

  2. You did an amazing job!!! Your little girl is pretty lucky to have such an amazing Momma...Thanks for sharing.



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