Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And then the earth shook.

Grace, Cody and I experienced our first earthquake yesterday. Nope, we haven't been traveling. It was right here in Pierre, SD!

Cody and Grace were sleeping during it, so they didn't really experience it the same as I did. Cody thinks that he woke up because of it. It happened at 2:45 p.m. I was sitting at my desk when all of a sudden both of my computer monitors started shaking, there was a VERY loud thundering type of sound and the ground was shaking! It only last a few seconds.

There are train tracks right outside our office so I thought perhaps there was a train crash or the train had fallen off the tracks, others in the office thought that something hit our building, and others thought that there was either an explosion or our roof was caving in.

Within a half-hour we found out that there indeed was an earthquake! Click here for information about the 3.4 magnitude earthquake that rattled Pierre yesterday.

Here's a map of where the epicenter was and how far away we were from it. Not too far! It was recorded at 9.7 miles underground (and water).

I always thought that strange things happened during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally! Pierre has had enough weird occurances for awhile now after the flood, extreme amounts of rain, and now an earthquake. Yikes.

Take care all...

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