Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Out with the old...

On our "vacation" my parents came out to our house and we got them to work painting our fence. Of course, no project ever goes as smoothly as you want it to. The frustrations started early with this one. We bought a 5 gallon pail of paint in Marshall in my desired colored, hauled it out to Pierre, and quickly learned that it was the wrong color. We tried going to a place in Pierre to get the color corrected - no luck. We ended up buying 6 more gallons of paint and a gallon of primer - which we forgot to tint.
 Here's the hubby, hard at work, having a great time.

 We had to replace about 15 boards from the fence that were rotting. Oh, and as you can tell, we picked a couple of nice hot days to get this project done.

My cheaply hired (free) labor. 

Boards drying.

Here you can tell how terrible the old fence and paint actually was. It was getting to be a pale mauve color. No good.

And of course, the old fence would not have been complete without pastel colored critter stampings all around. I think Cody was pretty disappointed I didn't reapply the stamps.

We also hauled 30 bags of mulch from Marshall to Pierre. We've been busy getting rid of some foliage and lava rocks that we don't so much like.

Poppa was happy to "cool off" with Grace in her pool once the project was complete. He said it was actually like taking a hot bath since the water had been in there all day and it was HOT out that day!

Stay tuned for photos of the completed project with befores & afters!

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