Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Day

Grace was pretty excited to turn 4. It meant a lot of things to her, tall enough to ride a bigger bike, going to preschool in the fall, dance class, and brag rights. She had a pretty special entire week as she had a visit from her Wiggle Grandma Michele, who took us out to Grace's favorite place, The Cattleman's and of course, to Zesto.

By the time Thursday was about to roll around, she was pretty amped up about her Birthday Day. Wednesday evening, Cody and I snuck out of the house while Wiggle Grandma watched Grace. We got balloons and some presents for the Princess. That evening before Cody and I went to bed, we put balloons in her room. When she woke up, she wouldn't have any doubt that her birthday day had arrived.

That's Grace all tucked in and zonked out on Wednesday night. We were so hoping she wouldn't wake up for some reason during the night. She didn't!

That morning, she stumbed out of her room, and runs up to me and sleepily says, "Happy Birthday Mom!" I think she thought it was like Christmas, where it's "Merry Christmas" to everyone on the same day! Here's a couple shots of her waking up to her balloons and new bike...bed head, blurry and all.

We got ready in a hurry and headed out the door to meet up with our friends at Perkins for a birthday breakfast for Grace and Nick. My friend Tasha's son Nick, shares a birthday with Grace! This year, Nick turned 5, he's exactly a year older! My friend Claire in town also has a daughter who shares a birthday with Grace, Cierra is also 5 now! What a fun day!

We met the Tasha, Nick, Scott and their friend Kara at Perkins so the birthday kiddos could have breakfast at Perkins together. What fun! Here's a few shots of them. I joked with Tasha that perhaps one day we'll be showing these pictures to them when they are prom dates, or perhaps at their wedding!!! ;) Too funny.

Then it was off to daycare for festivities with the kiddos there. Grace opted to have a special birthday treat. It was a skittles sundae! That's my girl! She got to play with water balloons and enjoy all of the children treating her special that day.

That evening we had a nice family dinner, opened presents from Cody and I, and Grace rode around on her new bike.

A perfect day!

I'll soon post about her big birthday bash that she had over the weekend. It was so much fun!

PS - In other news, a BIG CONGRATS to my cousin Emily who had her baby last night! Addison Emily is a beautiful, healthy little girl. I cannot wait to meet her. Cheers!

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