Tuesday, July 12, 2011

...And in with the new

Last week I shared our "wonderful" fence painting adventure with you. Well, here's a couple shots of the freshened up fence. We still have some work to do in the backyard, but there is certainly a lot of progress that has been made.

And some before and after's for good measure!

Before - Summer 2009

After - Summer 2011
Last year with the help of my dad, we trimmed trees, took out two evergreen bushes and majorly trimmed up two others. In August last year, Cody and I (with the babysitting help of his mom and sister) took out all of the crazy grass that was invading the garden space. We put down cedar chips in the blank spaces. What a job! 

This year, we took out the basketball hoop and plated grass in that space. We took the snow on the mountain out of the space under the tree, replaced with cedar chips and built a nice little path through the middle. We divided and transplanted many plants to freshen up the space a little. We downsized quite a bit with the exsisting plants and bought some annuals for color. This year we cleaned up the back side of this fence too - it was becoming quite the snake habitat with wood lying around, a compost pile and rocks. We cleared it all out and have already noticed a huge difference.

Another view...

Before - Fall 2009

After - Summer 2011

Next on the project lists for outside is to remove some lava rocks next to the house and replace with cedar chips, create an outdoor kennel area for Remi, re-stain the deck and paint some of the concrete that has been painted and needs a new coat.
Now, you just gotta get me off the beach and into the yard for projects - good luck!

What do you all think? Suggestions?


  1. It looks fabulous! I got creeped out when you said there we snakes. ick! Hopefully they no longer live there.

  2. Thanks Angie! A work in progress. Yes, we killed 5 snakes total so far back there. YUCK, good thing Cody is like Jack Hannah and just grabs them with his hands and takes care of them! Cheers for hubby!

    When we got rid of the compost pile, he found a baby one, so we think they may have been nesting there...gross!


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