Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We're Tough Enough

My Aunt Linda (Fairy Godmother) is one of my favorite people on the planet. She's always been a cheerleader for me, and encouraged me to do whatever I want. She's supported me through my ups and downs...her and my mother (her sister) are much alike that way.

We'll now is the time that we get to be her cheerleaders. She's battling breast cancer, and battling valiantly at that. She's a gem to our whole family, Grace loves her to death. Grace has got to spend limited time with her because of distance between us, but it never fails, she'll talk about Auntie Linda for months after seeing her.

I can't wait to see her this summer, and I know that she'll be looking great as always. She's a joy in my life, and I wish that we didn't live so far away. I'll forever remember the countless weeks that I spent up there during the summers in my youth, lounging away at the pool, pestering her kids (my cousins), and getting locked in closets. Yes. True story, shameful. I want those days back. Linda, they were amazing - I can't wait to send G up there for a week to make tons of great memories as well. I bet Megan and Rachel will dress her up in cowgirl outfits, stick her on a rocking horse and make her sing ridiculous country songs, just like Emily and Lisa did to me!  They'll stick "Peaches" (temporary name for my cousins child due this summer) in the sink for a bath and sing her weird made-up songs. Isn't weird how the tables have turned?

My mom came to see us awhile back and brought some t-shirts for us. So, here's my mom, Grace and I sporting our "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" t's.

Holy smokes, the three of us really look a lot alike! I especially notice it in our mouth/cheek area, areas and noses in this picture!

Go get em' Auntie! We're cheering for you!

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