Thursday, June 23, 2011


It all started on a typical weekend visit to Minnesota. We all piled into the car and made a trip to town looking at the cute shops around. On our walk downtown, Grace saw some pinwheels in the window of a flower shop - she needed one. She's obsessed with pinwheels. Currently we have four in our front yard.

Of course, my mom said she'd get her one. Oh, and by the end of the day, we also came home with this:

Meet Lola

Yup, a kitten. Of course the flower shop we went into had to have two kittens available for adoption! Cody knew instantly that Grace and I really liked this grew and white kitten. She was so stinkin' sweet. It was a love story. Before actually buying her, we went home and thought about it. Cody said that Grace could get her if I figured out how to not pay for it. Again, of course, my mom said "I'll get it for her!" (Classic Grandmother move) Mom and I went back to get her and the rest is history...including the four hour car ride home with her crying the entire way. 

 I love this next one. See that black teenie tiny thing in there? That's Lola's sister.
She's cute huh? The black and white big one is Jack, also known to mom and I as Judge. He's the forever cat at the flower shop and babysits the ones that are just looking for a home.
Well...My mom kinda liked Lola, and my dad did too. Which is surprising, because he "hates cats." Well, my mom might have done a little moping that she didn't have a kitten...Well the next Monday my dad went and bought this "cute teenie black one" to surprise my mother.
Too bad my dad's head is cut off!

And a surprise this cat is!!! This cute little thing is a MANIAC!!!! Her name is Iris, AKA, insane-in-the-brain cat. Lola compared to Iris is sooo dramatically different. Mom and Dad have their hands full with this one! I'm glad we didn't chose the black one, as I have enough chaos with our black beast Remington.

By the way, see how Lola is in the picture with Jack? Sleepin'? Ya, that's our cat.

You'll see more on Lola soon as I have a few "vacation" posts planned. Stay tuned. In the meanwhile, I know you have this in your head..." Lola...l-o-l-a..Lola." Don't worry, we know she's a girl.

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