Friday, June 24, 2011

Sadie, Grace and Ashley

I think this is one of my favorite posts yet. I loved way too many of these pictures of Grace horseback riding with my good friend Ashley. Check out these fun photos, my girl couldn't have been happier this evening.

Ashley was so kind to let Grace ride Sadie...she loved being able to brush the ponies, I think she thought they were just a real-life My Little Pony! Breezy was also there for us to love, pet and comb. Grace didn't ride Breezy as she can be a little sass! She's too funny though, I loved her personality.

Grace often refers to this Ashley as "Auntie Ashley," much to the real Auntie Ashley's dismay! She's lucky to have two Ashley's in her life! We have plans to go to Gettysburg to see Ashley's new pony, Romeo, who was born this spring. We cannot wait to meet him and the dozens of other horses up there that Ashley has!

Thanks Ashley!

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