Thursday, June 2, 2011


In April, I went to Chicago for work. We met with travel and outdoor writers to explain to them the goodness of the land of "Great Faces and Great Places." We had a fantastic time. I was still recovering from having my wisdom teeth taken out, but I survived!

Here's Wanda and I, enjoying the Magnificent Mile!

We both got some shopping done. Of course, after our business was taken care of. I didn't take very many pictures, likely because 90% of the time it was However, one evening, we trudged out into the rain and got some shopping done. We both were soaked! I had cloth flats on, so my feet were freezing, and Wanda had leather heels on. Yuck! Our hair was drenched (no umbrella) so walking into stores we basically felt like drowned rats.

It was my first time really exploring Chicago, I had been there in high school. I really want to go with Grace on a girls weekend and take her to the American Girl store, the museums and shop with her. It's an easy direct flight out of Rapid City or Sioux Falls, so I'm looking forward to it. I just have to get both her Grandma's on the American Girl train (won't be hard) so that she can get that as gifts for birthdays and Christmas! ;) Hear that Michele and Karen??? :)

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