Sunday, May 1, 2011


Grace's Auntie Ashley was so kind to come and spend the weekend with us late this spring. We had a good weekend, which included Grace's first bowling experience. She had a great time...I think that the pictures say enough about this outing.

As you can see she had a "ball." ;-) She let us help her the first couple tries, but soon enough she was rolling the ball down the way at about 1.2 miles per hour - go get em' girl! She loves when her Auntie comes to visit, and has even ventured to Brookings for a couple night on her own with her Auntie. Brave girl! Grace and I are looking forward to a "girls weekend" in Brookings with Auntie soon.

While these are all catch-up posts, I hope to be able to post about our nice Easter and my time in Chicago soon. We're grateful for all of the family time we are able to enjoy and look forward to this summer when we will be able to catchup with more friends and family.


This post is very long overdue! In February, I went to Las Vegas for a conference on social media. Luckily, someone who works on our account at our advertising agency went a long with. I had a great time with Lindsey. There were lots of notes that I took back home...I've digested several and have put many great practices into use, but still am sifting through all of the knowledge and will continue to apply.  Here's a peak at what I saw in Vegas!

Stayed at Ceasar's Palace...They told me he didn't really live there! ;) They had the place all decorated in red, perhaps for Valentine's Day.

Along the strip

Waiting for the water fountains to erupt!


Lindsey and I on the strip!

We shopped inside Ceasar's Palace...watched this act..and headed back to our rooms on the first night, we were tired from traveling.

Oh, I suppose I could talk a bit about why I was stuff? Nah, this is Astronaut Wheeler, he was the first man to check into space via Foursquare. He thought he was the mayor of the moon...wait, you have to check into a location at least twice on foursquare to be deemed the mayor. No dice. Cool though!

Along the strip night two! We went to KA! A great show!

Lindsey and I night two!
So that's that! Vegas in nutshell. I'll have to go back with Cody sometime when we can spend more time there.