Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun at the Park

Wow, I certainly wish that this post didn't have snow in it...However, luckily, it was from a few months ago. Guess I'm pretty behind on keeping this blog caught up. These are just too fun not to post just because they are outdated. The benefits of heading to the park in February are that there aren't many other people around and you can invite your dog onto the equiptment with you! Remi's fearless.

I love this picture of Remi...pretty (but crazy!) girl!

 Here's Remi, the fearless dog! We didn't even have to encourage her to go up to the top of the slide, or down...she just did!
 "What mom...we're playin' nice!"

Lil' love that cannot get enough of the outdoors, even in the frigid temps! Luckily, it was a decent February day.

Ahhh, so glad that it's nice out now and the snow is gone. We haven't made it to the park yet, but there have been plenty of trips around the neighborhood in the wagon and on the trikes. Grace has been loving the backyard a lot this spring already and is excited for the tulips to bloom. Bring on the heat wave, we're ready to hit the river!

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