Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Happy Girl

It's easy to take the little things in life for granted. I was reminded this weekend of how blessed we are to have an innocent little girl running around our house, filling our lives with joy. The happiness that Grace brings to our life is unlike anything that Cody and I have experienced before. I hope that her joyful personality continues through life and she remembers and is reminded of how loved she is on a daily basis.

On the fine evening these photos were taken, we decided to give the oven a (much  needed) break and ordered pizza + lava cake (yum!). As you can see, Grace really enjoyed the chocolate she is being her goofy gooney self.

One of Cody's couisins got married this weekend in Pierre. It was a nice event (except that they planned it outdoors and we had inches of snow on the ground so it was moved inside) and I was able to meet many of Cody's extended family members that I hadn't met yet. Cody even met a few for the first time. Grace of course had a blast! She especially loved getting to know her Great Uncle E more, seeing her Auntie Ashley and her Grandma and Grandpa. She's a lucky girl to have so many people in her life that care about her.

Tomorrow morning, I'm off to Chicago for the week for work. I look forward to exploring Chicago a bit with Wanda - we'll have a good time and have some great meetings lined up for work.

We're headed out to the Black Hills for Easter with Cody's family - it will be our first large family function in their new house, excited for all the space that this place has so we can really enjoy each other's company comfortably.

Kiss your loved ones and tell them that you loved them!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun at the Park

Wow, I certainly wish that this post didn't have snow in it...However, luckily, it was from a few months ago. Guess I'm pretty behind on keeping this blog caught up. These are just too fun not to post just because they are outdated. The benefits of heading to the park in February are that there aren't many other people around and you can invite your dog onto the equiptment with you! Remi's fearless.

I love this picture of Remi...pretty (but crazy!) girl!

 Here's Remi, the fearless dog! We didn't even have to encourage her to go up to the top of the slide, or down...she just did!
 "What mom...we're playin' nice!"

Lil' love that cannot get enough of the outdoors, even in the frigid temps! Luckily, it was a decent February day.

Ahhh, so glad that it's nice out now and the snow is gone. We haven't made it to the park yet, but there have been plenty of trips around the neighborhood in the wagon and on the trikes. Grace has been loving the backyard a lot this spring already and is excited for the tulips to bloom. Bring on the heat wave, we're ready to hit the river!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Update + Guest Bedroom Project

My sweet friend Rae, who's living in Japan, was wondering where I've been since I haven't been posting lately.

We've been a busy crew lately. In February, I was in Las Vegas for work, AWESOME. Since then, I've been in Minneapolis for work (got to visit my wonderful family as well!) and had a couple days away from my desk busy coming up with new big marketing ideas for the office. Cody's traveled a bit in between (by the way, he got a new job and is really, really enjoying it).

This month also likely will be a bit crazy as next week I'm getting my wisdom teeth out, I have a bit of work travel to do the following week coupled with a family wedding next weekend. Then, it's off to Chicago for about a week for me with work travel and home in time for Easter.

We have Easter plans to head out to the Black Hills. In March, we helped move Cody's parents to Spearfish. They have a beautiful new home out there that will more than accommodate all of us kids when we come home.

Grace is growing up so quickly. In the last couple months we've really noticed a change in her behavior and is acting more like a preschooler. She's been practicing writing her name, she is especially good at the "G" and recognizes G's on signs everywhere saying that it's like her name. She was very happy to see her cousins, Cameron and Connor, a couple weeks ago, and was very sad to say goodbye. She's anxiously awaiting warmer weather because she really wants to go to the beach. Her Grandma Michele has already outfitted her with a new swimsuit, cover up, and water shoes. She's ready to go!

I've been working on the downstairs guest bedroom on and off...Awhile back (quite awhile ago) I painted a headboard that was passed down from my Grandma. Here's a couple pictures of it in the process...
This green is the same green that I used on the upstairs bathroom vanity. I had some extra and was itching to use it somewhere. I recently bought some new prints for that bedroom and will be sharing the photos of that room coming together once I get them hung.

Hopefully I'll get some new pictures of G up here soon. We're headed to MN this weekend to see my parents, grandparents and some aunts and uncles from my dad's side of the family. It will be nice to connect with them again, it's been since Thanksgiving! God is good!