Saturday, March 12, 2011

Updated - Downstairs Bathroom

So close to finished! We've had our downstairs bathroom redone since this fall, but we're still trying to get around to putting trim up. Sorry for the super delayed post. It will make such a difference when we get some classic white trim in there. Here it is...
I really like the feet that were on this vanity, making it stand up off the ground, however, with the feet, it was too tall and covered up the electrical outlet. Of course, I could have been patient and spent money to have someone come in and move the outlet, but that would all have taken time and money. So instead, I unscrewed the feet and sat it flat on the ground. Not my perfect solution, but it works.
This little plant stand is serving as a space to hold towels for now...also, not my ideal solution, but it's nice to have towels at hand for guests rather than sending them to the linen closet.
New trim and doing some similar updates to the upstairs bathroom are in order. We'll see when we get around to it...Hopefully soon!

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  1. This bathroom is adorable! Love the vanity! Awesome job.


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