Saturday, March 12, 2011


Carnival! Grace had so much fun when we went to this with our friends Ashley, Gwen (who's a little younger than Grace) and her baby sister. Oddly enough, Gwen's moms name is Ashley Richter...weird. Especially since Cody's sisters name is Ashley Richter. Funny! Ashley said they just about named Gwen, Grace. That would have been too funny!


Getting her face painted. She sat sooo still!
Bug eyes!

Grace and her friend Gwen.

Playin' bean bags. She was sooo good at everything. She was a rockstar at throwing the football through infatable rings, did GREAT at beanbags and was showing so much coordination with everything she did. Quite impressive. Made momma a little sad since it was showing me how much she's growing up.

This was one of her favorite tasks. She loved fishin' for the ducky she wanted, and they had pretty sweet prizes at this one too.

Love this picture of all the kiddos playin with their prizes. These balls were bouncing around everywhere getting tangled with one another. Too much fun!

Updated - Downstairs Bathroom

So close to finished! We've had our downstairs bathroom redone since this fall, but we're still trying to get around to putting trim up. Sorry for the super delayed post. It will make such a difference when we get some classic white trim in there. Here it is...
I really like the feet that were on this vanity, making it stand up off the ground, however, with the feet, it was too tall and covered up the electrical outlet. Of course, I could have been patient and spent money to have someone come in and move the outlet, but that would all have taken time and money. So instead, I unscrewed the feet and sat it flat on the ground. Not my perfect solution, but it works.
This little plant stand is serving as a space to hold towels for now...also, not my ideal solution, but it's nice to have towels at hand for guests rather than sending them to the linen closet.
New trim and doing some similar updates to the upstairs bathroom are in order. We'll see when we get around to it...Hopefully soon!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Downstairs Bathroom - Before

It's been awhile since I posted. I have lots of things to share too. But we'll start with the downstairs bathroom. I guess I forgot to show some progress on this room. It's not completely finished, but it's getting there. Basically, we still need trim and I'm considering re-re-painting. As during this project we repainted once, but I'm not sure it's the right color - it's been tough convincing Cody we need to re-re-paint.

Here are some before...Eek! Yucky vanity, VINYL BLACK FLOORS that go up the side to serve as trim (crazy!), "classy" light fixtures, and a shower that has crumbling tile. FUN!

So we ripped up the black vinyl, re-painted, put in a new vanity, light fixtures, faucet and toilet, installed new tile flooring, fixed the crumbling tile in shower...I actually had to take out a piece of wood that was in the entry way to the shower and create a block of cement, then re-do the ceramic tile, my uncle and dad helped me with fixing the leaking shower head, we siliconed the shower to make sure that the cracks weren't leaking, and I spray painted the existing mirror a different color. Before I show you the so-far-after, here is the mirror spray paint process:

Fancy job on covering up the mirror, huh? A little painters tape and notebook paper! Stay tuned for the next post at what the "for now" after look like, since we STILL need to add trim.