Sunday, February 6, 2011

Grace's Bedroom

Welcome to Little G's room. Ummm, let's say, it's pink! At first, it seemed very "bubble-gum" pink and not so much coral pink like I hoped. But, after hanging some photos, neutral curtains and getting her bedding in there, it's not so bad. Plus, she's Grace, she LOVES we'll do whatever to make that little heart happy. Hanging on the wall above her bed are the photos that Grandma Michele took of her...the entire series up close can be seen in this post. Unfortunately, only 5 of the 7 could make it up there, it was hard to pick which, but hopefully this still represents her dancin' skills.

Upclose of the bedding... <3 it! Thanks Nana!

I think these photos up here ended up being one of the favorite parts of the room...Brings her personality into the room in a huge way!

These picture are also done by Grandma Michele, they are one-of-a-kind's that will only be seen here!

View from G's perspective...The chair is from Nana, and the lovie on the chair was her Poppa's when he was growing up.
 Grace is doing a GREAT job in her "big girl bed." We haven't had any rolling out incidents, and she just stays in there when she wakes up until we come in and get her. We haven't had any pitter pattering around in the wee-hours of the night either. We are grateful to have a great sleeper and such a flexible kiddo. We ended up keeping her crib mattress and just sliding it under her big girl bed. At night, we pull it out on the right side of her bed for a little cushion in case she would fall out. Handy!

Her room was originally the tan color of the stripe. When we taped it off to separate the two colors, we thought we'd have to go back in there and re-tape and paint that stripe in. Cody and my mother argue about who came up with the idea (while the tape was still on) to just leave the stripe tan. Either way, it looks nice! We need to figure out some fabric to create a "curtain" over her closet, I took out sliding doors awhile ago. Her closet stays pretty organized, but I'd like to be able to conceal if needed. Black out curtains are on our list of things to buy...along with a couple accent pillows.


  1. How flippin cute! I love it! I'm so jealous of her pink girly room. Awesome Job Katy!!

  2. I L O V E her room! Where oh where did the cute bedding come from? A gift, I know, but I mean where did she get it?

    What a great room for G to build memories in. :)


  3. Thanks Jen and Rae!
    Rae, her bedding came from JCPenny. The two green shams are from somewhere else, and my madre made the white and pink pillow on the bed.

  4. Super cute room! So glad I could help you out with Flea Market Style! I know you'll love it.


  5. Beautiful room! And, I remember playing with that teddy bear at Grandma and Grandpa's house! :)


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