Sunday, January 23, 2011

Projects for 2011 (and Beyond!)

We all have "to do" lists. Well, here are some thoughts that we have on what we'd like to see get done in our house in the next year...but let's be honest, some of them will probably stretch into beyond 2011. Our list is pretty simple, no major renovations, but they are things that cost a little money here and there and take time. Here's where we'd like to go...

New door knobs (ouch, those are spendy), re-paint our fence (yike, we're going to need some people power! Volunteers?), build an outdoor dog kennel/house for RemDog, new plants in the backyard, remove snow on the mountain plant and re-place with cedar chips to create a place to put bench/chairs, re-finish hardwood throughout house.

Bathroom - re-do vanity, new light fixture and mirror, new counter top/sink, new sink faucet, new shower/tub fixtures, possibly put a fan in there, and fix the drain that won't stay open for a shower!
Grace's Room - buy new bedding (thanks Momma!), hang pictures from Grandma Michele, hang artwork, buy bookshelf?, new light fixture, convert from crib into full size bed, curtains for window and closet
Our Bedroom - fall in love with new bedding and buy it, paint room to match, and possibly paint my six-pane window that hangs in there if needed, possibly new night stands, and Cody's only addition to this entire list is a new TV for our room (good luck, hun)
Dining Area - new table and chairs, fix curtains
Hallway - new light fixture

Bathroom - still needs trim!
Playroom - paint, hang pictures that Grandma Michele took of G dancing around
Living Room - new laminate hardwood, buy bar stools, stock the bar with booze ;), re-cover chair from my parents basement and put in our family room
Guest Bedroom - new bedding, DIY (or buy) artwork for above bed, paint
Hallway - new light fixture
Mudroom - new seating area with new hooks? Maybe?

(Update 1/13/11 - I have created a new "page" with this listing of projects so that it's easier for me to manage...Cody and I will certainly be adding to the list, and hopefully crossing off projects just as fast!!)

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