Monday, January 31, 2011

Photo wall

This post is long overdue...back in November when my Aunt & Uncle and parents came to visit for a long weekend, I insisted that my photo wall in the upstairs living room get started. My uncle, dad and I got to work on the project - I knew these two guys were just the gentlemen to help me out, and they did fabulously.

It all started off with a picture in a Junk Market book that I fell in love with. Ki and Sue used an auger as a photo hanger. Fortunately, my mom knew that my Uncle David had a skinny auger in the grove on the farm place that my dad grew up on. Off to junkin' Dave went for me, and found it! He even split it in two so that mom could have one too! Perfect! It's fun to have a piece like this in my house, because I know that my Grandpa used it back in his farming days.

My dad (happily, to get it out of his garage) hauled it out to Pierre. That fall, we had some photos taken by a gal in town, and I knew that they would look great under this auger.

So that is what it looked like to begin with...I love it in all of it's rustiness! Initially I had thought I would literally hang the picture from it, using the same wire that I used to hang it up on the ceiling, but realized that it might end up looking a little messy. So, instead, the pictures hang on their own on the wall. Oh, by the way, see the red wall in this picture below? That is what wall these are hanging when you're sitting on the sofa in front of the windows, you're looking right at it.


 I really like how it turned out...and I love having a bit of my grandpa's farm in our house. We also snagged an old chicken-feeder from my Uncle's grove, but have yet to convince my husband (my mother has yet to convince my father) to bring it into one of our homes! I think my mom tucked evergreen branches in it this winter and it looked gorgeous. Maybe I need on my deck this summer Ma?

Inside that armoire is our TV and this display on the bottom shelf. The armoire is also a piece from my grandparents, this time on my mom's side. My Grandpa John had this, and eventually my mother did. I remember it in our middle room growing up, and then in my parents basement for a long time...I snagged it up! This is one of my FAVORITE photos that my mother-in-law Michele took of our family this fall. I love G's face in this one! ;)

This is nearby, next to the sofa. I kind of wish this were a bit taller at times to function more like a end-table, but other times I love this old-box that my mom and I found in Marshall while we were scouring the city. We actually bought it from a gal who taught 1st grade in Marshall, was was not my first grade teacher, however, I think she really wishes he was, because she always talks about me being in her class and how great of a student I was...she was just jealous! ;) Anyway, another fun picture that Michele took of G. Love it! (You can tell this post is really delayed, this was a FALL display...eek, sorry!)

And, wow, our walls aren't this orange in person...More like a burnt red-orange...I hope.


  1. Your house and family are all ridiculously adorable! Can I hate you and still have you as my best friend???

  2. Hah can only hate me if I can safely admit that I've been hating you for the last 4 years because of your ridiculously cute house, gorgeous self, amazingly talented hubby, and now your too-good-to-be-true children! ;)

    I guess we have a love hate relationship, I'm okay with it. I'll learn to live with it...


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