Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh, Spring...where are you?

Most everyone that knows me really well, knows that I'm usually the one BEGGING for snow. We got some last night, and this morning I was mad that there wasn't enough. I want HUGE amounts of snow, with major snowstorms through April. However, I found this photo, taken in NOVEMBER, yes, November...and I'm kinda gettin' an itch to get out my my garden.

Oh, and by the see that edging with the brown cedar mulch? Well, that was ALL COMPLETELY filled in with this wild, crazy grass last summer. Cody and I despised it. So much so, that on a HOT August day when Michele and Auntie Ashley, my mother-in-law and sis-in-law, were at our house, Cody and I decided to rip it.all.out. It was insane. We had 16 bags of industrial sized garbage bags filled to the top. And it was like 97 degrees with 100% humidity that was awful. Here is what the grass looked like before...
So glad that it is all gone...Now, I'll have to get to planting this summer! Oh, and the basketball hoop has since fallen down been removed. I have plans to remove all the snow on the mountain in the middle part under the tree and also put cedar chips there. I hope to have a bench or perhaps some adirondack chairs (holy cow, those babies are spendy!) under that tree for a nice little space to relax (or be annoyed by the dog). 

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