Monday, January 24, 2011

Not so long ago...

Cody and I were talking last night, that it didn't seem like that long ago when we were putting together Grace's crib and getting ready for a new bundle of joy. Well, we finally bit the bullet last night and converted her crib (which by the way, she was perfectly content in, call us crazy for switching, I KNOW!) into a full size bed. I was mostly so anxious because we had picked out some fabulous bedding and painted her room pink...oh..soooo...PINK.

So, before we let you in on what her room looks like now, here is a look back at setting up her crib for the first time.

Oh, that girl had clothes...especially until she was about 2 years old! This was just a snapshot of her closet, she had 3 dresser drawers full of clothes! Yike! There you have stay tuned to what the room looks like now! Hopefully I'll be finishing a few things up in there in the next couple won't be "done, done" by a far shot...but good enough for the blog!

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