Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mr J and G

Grace has always loved this little man. We've been to his parents house a couple times and Gracie Girl looovesss JACKson (or JACKS). I put it in capitol letters because she really emphasizes that part.  I work with his mom, WANda and her husband, Uncle Craig (real name is Greg) and Cody are friends. We watched Mr. J one night for a few hours. And as you can tell from the last photo, G had her way with him. He was decked out in jewels and a crown to boot.

They sat here is this spot for at least 30 minutes...Just hangin' out eating snacks. There is absolutely nothing entertaining about this location, but they were having a good time. Mr. J is such an easy going little man we loved having him for a couple hours. And no, nobody get ideas that we need to have a new addition of our own...I don't want to encourage Cody too much about this idea. He's kinda getting used to the idea of having a little guy around the house, but I'm convinced that it will be another girl, and I'll just hear more from him about being surrounded by women telling him what to do...and how to do it!

I love this next one of the two of them. And holy cow, does G look like me here or WHAT? Wow! Maybe I'll post a side-by-side of the two of us in my next post. I have a picture in mind from a few years ago that I think she really resembles me in.

 What a pretty princess Mr J is! ;) Love it!
Like I said, he was such a charmer at our house. When it was getting later in the evening, we threw some PJ's on him and turned on a movie and read some books. He quickly snuggled into my lap without a fuss and stayed there until his Momma came. He was nearly sleeping by the time she picked him up and was quite content to stay on my lap...what a peach.

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