Friday, January 28, 2011

Great Faces

So, I've shown you a couple Great Places that I've been with work...well, here are a couple of the Great Faces that I get to work with. These people make my job a joy, and I love working with them, and I love the friendships that I've developed with them. We put on a conference in Pierre for the entire tourism industry in South Dakota...we spent a lot of time working and learning, and a lot of time playing and enjoying each others company. We enjoyed Western night and a Awards Night Gala...Here's a glance.


  1. Where'd you get your belt? It's too cute!

    It was fun looking at these, thanks for sharing!

  2. Rae - it is my friend and co-worker Ashley's belt. She's a real rodeo girl, so she hooked me up with my entire outfit, except my jeans (well underwear and socks too, I guess!)...she even has the same size feet as me, so I was able to rock some kickin' blue boots. Loved em'.


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