Thursday, December 30, 2010

Popcorn Drama (Part 2)

So, you saw part one...but here is the second portion of popcorn drama. Well, you might have noticed that this is now occuring from the sofa, rather than the blowup bed. One fine evening, Remi was doing her typical stamping of her bone on my feet. For those of you who don't know, Remi is OBSESSED with feet. Especially mine, my mothers, and my mother-in-laws. She takes her bone and RAMS it onto your feet. Constantly. Continuously. Annoyingly.

Well, this was occuring while I was laying on the blowup bed. And I pushed her off my feet, and she came barrelling back for more. She missed. And sunk her dinosaur teeth into the bed. PSHHssshhhhhhhh, Grace and I were quickly headed toward the floor and Remi toward her kennel. A patch kit is in our near future.

This is what popcorn drama looks like from the sofa.

 I like that G's popcorn is in her mouth for this one. Classy G. Remi is clearly observing the situation and making a plan of attack.


Inching my way toward that bowl....and G is starting to make note of Remi's proximity

Again, nose touching the bowl. And again, popcorn in the mouth. Cute. Grace is becoming concerned about how close Remi is.


Awwww....super close! And super cute. She's probably only giving her a kiss to lick popcorn butter off her lips!

Popcorn Drama (Part 1)

When Cody's friends came to visit, we blew up a bed for one of the guys. Well, I got pretty used to snuggling and relaxing sleeping on the blow up bed in the evenings. So, we left it up for awhile. This was especially awesome since we watched a ton of Christmas movies down there. (Elf, Home Alone, and Christmas Classic's over..and over.) Remi was also invited to this snuggle fest, however, when we made popcorn, she often got quite greedy about where her spot on the blowup bed was.

"Remi can be up here. Ya, cuz she's a good girl. And I like her."

The wheels in Remi's head are already turning. You can tell by that look!

Trying to make sure that no one is watching!

Notice that her nose is actually touching the popcorn bowl! Little stinker!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


After Auntie Lyndsey and Levi (a family friend) spent the night at our house on Thursday night, we drove over the river (literally) and down the interstate to Grandma & Grandpa's house in Mitchell. The whole Richter family was there, what a blessing! Christmas Eve we went to church and enjoyed soups, dips and meatballs! Yum! We each got to open a gag gift...Mine was a HUGE DELUX flyswatter (I swear, fly swatters are not sold in stores), Grace got money for her "college," and Cody received his very own coloring book and crayons...He's been known to not let G color on the same page as him because he wants to make it "pretty." (Oh, and by the way, I'm posting this from our brand new laptop from Cody's parents! Big smiles!)

We put the Santa key out on Christmas Eve, and it worked. Because Santa certainly was at our house! Here is a glimpse at Christmas morning...

G, was taking a break from Christmas opening festivities, looks pretty comfy with her pillow pet and her Dora trunk as a foot-rest!

G will never know that you can actually put water in this sippy cup, feed it to the baby, and she'll pee it out into a diaper that you have to change. Mommy and Santa's little secret! ;)

Baby C's first Christmas!

I love this one of Baby C.

Levi and Cousin Connor...oh, Auntie is back there too! Your welcome! 

G checkin' out her loot! Chocolate face and all!

Great-Grands watching how busy G is with her new house

We had a fabulous weekend with the whole family. It was nice to relax and enjoy the kiddos with everyone. Oh, the shissers (Macy and Remi) had a great time together as well. Isabella, the enforcer, certainly had her way with the two big dogs, so funny to watch those tough, hunter labs bow down to this little tiny thing. We even went sledding on Christmas Day in Mitchell! That was so much fun - Grace has been talking all week about how we went sledding with Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Dean, Cousin Connor, Levi, and Mel. "But Auntie Erin didn't sled." She had a blast. Hopefully I can upload some of that video soon.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Myah and Grace...and one more!

These two are too cute! I wish Miss Myah and Gracie Mae could see more of each other - unfortunately, I don't get to see her Momma Jen as much as I want either! ;( ...But we try to stay in touch through the computer and a quick visit when we get back to Marshall. The fabulous Jen sent Grace this perfect little "puppy shirt," as she calls it. On our last visit, Miss Myah was wearing this shirt, and Grace happened to bring it along with, she of course needed to change into it. They are so cute together, but OH SO BUSY, I could barely get a couple photos snapped. But thought I better, so Grace can remember.
Myah's sooo sweet! We got to meet her new baby brother Tyler too. He's a charmer. Looks just like his dad!
And this last one, G and Poppa riding on the tractor, Poppa's waiting for snow. And he got some in December!

Late-Thanksgiving Post

I thought I better get around to posting some of these photos, before I take care of Christmas posting! These were from when we visited my parents in Marshall for Thanksgiving also. There was a small amount of snow, so some winter fun was had. We're looking forward to more winter fun this weekend when we head to Marshall. Although the gator isn't at Nana and Poppa's, I think snow fort building is in our future.

Here is Gracie and Hank. Too cute.
Don't all kids do this at some point. Also, Hank is HUGE at this point, with his winter weight on. Probably weighs half as much as G...and she thought she was going down the stairs with him and this purse full of junk goodies.
Here's Brooke and her cousin? Remi. Brooke looks frightened in this picture. By the way, Brooke has a love hate/hate relationship with Remi. She hates it when we come. Remi is just so puppy, and Brooke is just so old and skiddish. They got some play time in though too - Remi demolished both of Brooke's hedgehogs. Coming soon, picture of Remi and her shissher (sister) Macy. Now these two when they get together are a totally different story than Brooke and Remi! PUPPIES - UNITE! 
And a little fun in the snow! As you can see in this picture, there was very little snow making this a very cold and bumpy ride. Of course, G is screaming to go faster and up and down the ditches more and more! She had a great time. Hopefully she won't be disappointed when we can't use the gator this weekend because there is too much snow! 
Dad's pulling us this time. As you can see, G is inspecting the blanket situation on the sled and Brooke is doing, well whatever she's doing.

Stay tuned for some Christmas photos - and hopefully video! We had a great time at Cody's parents last weekend for Christmas. There was a ridiculous amount of (yummy) food and (fabulous) presents. A good time was had by all. However, Michele, we never did manage to break out the family present of "Family Game Night for the wii!

We have a busy schedule ahead - this weekend is Christmas with my parents in Marshall (pending on weather) next weekend is the Inaugural Ball (Cody and I are volunteering, so Cody's parents are coming to help with G) and the weekend after that my parents are planning to come for a weekend. A weekend of rest (so far) and then the last weekend in January we are headed back to MN for the Bierman family Christmas in Jeffers.

Hope you all had a blessed holiday (we certainly did) and will enjoy the New Year.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just Cuz I'm a Geek

This article was in my December issue of PRSA's Public Relations Tactics Newsletter talking about the word of the year.  Sarah Palin's "refudiate" went extremely viral on the web, and has since been named word of the year by New Oxford's American Dictionary. It is a combination of the word "refute" and "repudiate." The word actually means "reject."

Here are 5 other words that were in the running for word of the year, how many are you familiar with?
1. Retweet - (verb) to repost or forward a message on Twitter. (noun) a reposted or forwarded message on Twitter.
2.Webisode - (noun) a original episode from a television series made to view online
3. Crowdsourcing - (noun) a company/organization enlists a variety of freelancers to work on a specific task
4. Gleek - (noun) a fan of the TV series Glee. (blending the words Glee and Geek)
5. Nom Nom - (exclamation) an expression of delight when eating. This came from noises that Cookie Monster on "Sesame Street" makes while eating.

Number five suprised me the most. I had obviously heard that used (and MAYBE used it myself a FEW times) but never realized that is actually where it derived from.

Guess this makes me a weirdo. Oh well! Thought you could use some of this insightful knowledge during your holiday get-togethers this weekend!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A White Christmas in your Heart

by Ellen Bechina

What is this White Christmas?
It is a Gift...
It is the most valuable gift
any of us will ever receive;
It is a gift that none of us deserve;
it is a gift we all desperately need;
It is a gift that keeps on giving.
This gift never has to be returned
because it always fits perfectly.
Jesus is the Gift.
He was born to give us a
White Christmas in our heart every day!
Once we have received the Gift...
we are new, the old is gone
and remembered no more.
We become White as Snow...
He blankets our life in love,
forgives our sin and gives us hope.
As Christmas draws near
we celebrate the birth of our Savior,
Jesus Christ and the awesome gift of his life.
Faith, Hope and Love...
May your Christmas and Life be full of these
and may all of your
Christmases be White.

This was a wonderful gift from my Fairy Godmother that I received from her for Christmas this year. I love this sweet poem, and beautiful pin, which I can also use in Christmas decor. Thanks Aunt Linda! I hope that all have a beautiful "White Christmas" this year.

Santa's Magic Key

Grace received a special package in the mail yesterday. Inside was Santa's Key. She's been worried that Santa does not have a chimney at our house, and that Santa might not find her at Grandma and Grandpa's house this year. We wrote letters and even visited Santa telling him Grace's wish list and where she would be for Christmas this year. Well, Santa must have really wanted to make her heart happy and calm her worries.

Take a peak at what was inside this package

Special note on the back of the key
And a special poem to read every Christmas Eve before hanging this key outside on the door:
We heard that Santa usually leaves these magic keys hanging on the Christmas tree near the presents he leaves for children. We'll see what happens this year! Grace is very excited to leave out some cookies for Santa too. We'll post more pictures of Santa's key after Christmas.