Monday, November 22, 2010


I think the meaning of Thanksgiving is too often overlooked...this year I'm grateful for a healthy, happy and loved family. I'm thankful for the happiness that Cody and I experience everyday through our jobs, each other, our friends and family, and especially our little (getting big!) girl Grace.

This Thanksgiving our family now remembers two people in particular who we lost around Thanksgiving, a dear friend who we lost last year from Marshall, Sadie, and now a friend of Cody's, and family friend, Brianne from Pierre who we lost only days ago. We will remember both of your personalities and what you brought into our lives always. We will remember your families during this especially hard time to lose loved ones. We are grateful for the moments we had with you, and the lessons we learned from you.

So, is my Christmas tree up? No.
Are there holiday decorations? No.
Do I have any gifts bought? Yes. One.
And I'm not playing Christmas music...yet.
Is my daughter happy and talking about Christmas everyday? Yes.
Because snow=Christmas in her world!

This holiday season, Cody and I are trying to be especially mindful of slowing down an enjoying the time we have. There will be no rushing too and from, there will be laughter, hugs, and good times (and of course good food). We are reminded of how thankful we need to be for everyday and remember how truly blessed we are. What are you thankful for this year?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Upstairs Bathroom

Project Bliss!!!
Even though this is actually in the downstairs bathroom, the upstairs bathroom vanity looked very similar to this:

I needed an update. I didn't mind the tiles in the upstairs bathroom and didn't want to risk ruining them getting a new vanity. So I decided to paint it. Here's outcome!

First, I took the drawers and cabinet front off. Primed and painted this green color. Second coat. Re-assemble...and then I used sandpaper and stain to get the distressed look. (Sorry for the ugly under cabinet/tampon shot!) Hah! Then new hardware, and wah-la!

Next steps for the upstairs bathroom -
1. New countertop and new faucet - in about a month we'll check that off the list
2. New mirror - same time frame
3. New light fixture - same time frame
4. New fixtures in the bathtub/shower -hopefully by the end of the winter
5. New window in the shower area - hopefully by the end of the winter

Oh, the house wish list keeps on a growin'! But I was happy with this shine-up for the vanity rather than replacing. The hardware was about $25 and the paint about the same. So it was about a $50 project. Cheers.

Project Update

Remember that post back here where I gave you a sneak peak at a project I was working on? Well, here it is completed. And like I mentioned back when I was working on it, it isn't worth bragging about. It isn't done perfectly, but as you can see, it does the job. It holds all my pretties! I have a place to hang my earrings, necklaces, some bracelets, and other do-dads like that fabulous blue-ish pin/clip that is hanging there. That's from one of my besties, Jen, for my birthday! I looooveeee it! (Thanks Jen!)

The colors look a little off, and we still need to paint our bedroom. I'm not 100% convinced this is the final home for this project or that it even needs to exsist. But it's here to stay for now!

If you're wondering...basically what I did was found some picture frames in the right size that I wanted...and covered them with fabric that I liked. I used a staple gun to attach the fabric to some peg board that I had cut to the size of the frame. This is where I ran into the issue. The pegboard was thicker than what the picture frame would it's a little delicate. Then I used some fun upholstery pins to nail into the pegboard to hang the pretties from.
Works for me! Unfortunately, not all of my jewelry is out still - some is still stashed away who knows where in the closet. Oh well!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Family Photos

More gorgeous pictures of the fam. My mother-in-law, Michele, was ever so kind and patient with us one beautiful morning and took TONS, and TONS of photos of our little fam. We first enjoyed a bountiful breakfast at Perkins and then headed over to LaFromboise Island. We went for a walk (okay it was a LOONNNGGG walk). But as you can see, Grace was happy, and we all had a great time enjoying each others company.

As you can tell, she is an amazing photographer. She specializes in nature photography, but certainly does an amazing job with portrait photography as well. Recently, I was able to get some of these prints in my house. I love how they look. Great memories, thank you for capturing these for us and letting us share them. Love you!

There is no place where she feels more like the queen of the world than on Daddy's shoulders.


She loves playing in the leaves. This is one of my favorite photos. I cannot get enough of that smile.

Another of my favorites. I think this photo captured a lot of emotions!

We have daily bribes in our life with our little stinker. The bribe of this day was that if she was a really good girl, and smiled for Grandma's camera, she would get to play at the park. This made her happy in her heart. I'm in love with this picture of her.
Fun! Probably had bruises on my thighs and hips for a week after trying to squeeze down the slides. Ouch.
What a doll-face.
My handsome, wonderful hubby and I. I don't post enough raves about this guy on my blog. He's a pretty amazing guy, and puts up with a lot having three girls (including the dog Remi) in the house. And it's not only that I think he's amazing, but I think he's pretty good lookin' too.
She snapped a few pictures in our backyard the night before we went to the island. They are some of my favorites. I love this picture. Cody looks like he was in pain - he said he probably was. Poor him.
Love G's cheeseball face in this one...and my hubby looks so cute in this one too.
Favorite again! As you can see, I have a lot of favorites.
These boots are made for walkin'....or runnin' in G's case.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Grace had a blast this year on Halloween - she was very excited all week for the event. I think this was the first year she really understood what it was all about. She was so sweet saying trick or treat, happy halloween, thank you and telling people that she was a butterfly.

She really very quickly understood her goal and mission of trick or treating - Obtaining as much candy as possibly as quickly as possible. We went to some familiar faces around Pierre and Cody and I chit chatted a little bit, but she was in a hurry to make it to the next house for more goods.

These pictures are all from Saturday night, where you can go trick or treating on LaFromboise Island. There are various state agencies, and private businesses set up at tables on a path on the island. You walk around on the trails and get some neat stuff from the stations. When Grace gets older, we'll probably go at night. It's pitch black out there, so you bring a flashlight to light your way along the trail! Fun!

Pretty little butterfly.

And she's off! There was no stopping this little treat addict.

I love this picture of G and my dad. They were talking about how he needed to shave and his face was scratchy. I used to have a love/hate relationship with his "whisker rubs" ....Grace has yet to fully experience one from him, he must be waiting until she's a little older and can be handle the teasing!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Vikings Game

After Emily & Ryan's wedding on Saturday, we headed down to Minneapolis on Sunday morning to participate in the Rooster Rush campaign that my office was heading up at the Vikings game that day. We sponsored 3 games this year, and our biggest game was this weekend. It was also opening pheasant hunting day in South Dakota - so it was quite the sacrifice for Cody to come along with....poor guy. I think it looks like he had a great time! I know I did!

We started off in the tailgating area mingling with people and telling them about our awesome Big Shot Gear Giveaway. Pretty sweet package!

My boss gave Cody and I passes to go down onto the field and watch the teams warmup before the game. It was pretty cool being down there - see my hubbys smile?

Chad Greenway warming up.

The stadium was painted orange and purple for this game! Beer cups, banners, orange shirts, orangle portable dogdishes galore.

Start of the game

Full stadium! Vikings win over cowboys - yay!

Governor Mike Rounds' message to all at the game. You can barely see Baby and Brandy, his hunting dogs. It was a cool message.

Having a blast at the game together!

Emily's Shower & Wedding

I'll start off this post with a few pictures that the Brodeur family shared from Emily's wedding shower at Mona's house in September. Here is Grace, she was being quite the "helper" to Emily with all of the gift unwrapping duties, and gift showing off tasks.

Pretending to be shy...

Smiley G.

Becky and I were assigned to make the bow bouquet. Isn't it beautiful?

I love this picture of Grace and Lisa...or as Grace would call her "Alicia." Silly girl.

The wedding reception! I don't have any photos from the actual wedding, or many photos at all, but I thought I would share some from the reception.

Mom, Grandma, and I.

Grandma and I - thought she looked pretty good today. It was nice to visit with her and spend some extra time with her.

Three of us outside the reception. Nice sucker G. Grace had such a good time at this "party for Emily." Emily was very thoughtful to all of the children. She had a fun candy bar, gifts for each child and it was all very much appreciated. I think Grace might have thought it was her party!

Another photo of my Mom and Auntie Linda. I wish I could have got one of the three sisters, not pictured is my Aunt Laura.

I love this picture of the Brodeur family, Emily and Lisa dancing the night away. They looked like they were having a great time together.
My two cousins, Brendan and Patrick, and Auntie Linda dancing....Chicken Dance maybe?

Again, entire Brodeur family + other family members! Fun!


Usually Grace can dance allllll night long. However, she didn't get her usual 3 hour nap in, so she was pooped out early. Snuggling with Nana, struggling to keep her eyes open.