Monday, December 20, 2010

A White Christmas in your Heart

by Ellen Bechina

What is this White Christmas?
It is a Gift...
It is the most valuable gift
any of us will ever receive;
It is a gift that none of us deserve;
it is a gift we all desperately need;
It is a gift that keeps on giving.
This gift never has to be returned
because it always fits perfectly.
Jesus is the Gift.
He was born to give us a
White Christmas in our heart every day!
Once we have received the Gift...
we are new, the old is gone
and remembered no more.
We become White as Snow...
He blankets our life in love,
forgives our sin and gives us hope.
As Christmas draws near
we celebrate the birth of our Savior,
Jesus Christ and the awesome gift of his life.
Faith, Hope and Love...
May your Christmas and Life be full of these
and may all of your
Christmases be White.

This was a wonderful gift from my Fairy Godmother that I received from her for Christmas this year. I love this sweet poem, and beautiful pin, which I can also use in Christmas decor. Thanks Aunt Linda! I hope that all have a beautiful "White Christmas" this year.


  1. Katlynnnn, it's Rae! I've joined you on Blogspot so you can forget about my Tumblr, if you want. :P

    Your layout is so cute - did you make it yourself?

    I hope you and your family are doing well! Will you be back in MN for Christmas or will you be spending the holiday in the great state of SD? Are Zestos open in the winter? Haha. Wish you could send some over to Japan!


  2. Rae! Hey there Island Mama!

    I got the background from ShabbyBlogs, and I think most of the little buttons were from there too. A little hodge-podge and wah-la. I love your Island Outlook Header, cute!

    We will be in Mitchell for X-mas, and possibly Marshall for New Years to celebrate Xmas with my family.

    Unfortunately, all of the Zesto's that I know of in SD are closed. Boo. Withdrawls. Yah, maybe in the summer I could get some sent to you on dry ice! ;)

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!


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