Thursday, December 30, 2010

Popcorn Drama (Part 2)

So, you saw part one...but here is the second portion of popcorn drama. Well, you might have noticed that this is now occuring from the sofa, rather than the blowup bed. One fine evening, Remi was doing her typical stamping of her bone on my feet. For those of you who don't know, Remi is OBSESSED with feet. Especially mine, my mothers, and my mother-in-laws. She takes her bone and RAMS it onto your feet. Constantly. Continuously. Annoyingly.

Well, this was occuring while I was laying on the blowup bed. And I pushed her off my feet, and she came barrelling back for more. She missed. And sunk her dinosaur teeth into the bed. PSHHssshhhhhhhh, Grace and I were quickly headed toward the floor and Remi toward her kennel. A patch kit is in our near future.

This is what popcorn drama looks like from the sofa.

 I like that G's popcorn is in her mouth for this one. Classy G. Remi is clearly observing the situation and making a plan of attack.


Inching my way toward that bowl....and G is starting to make note of Remi's proximity

Again, nose touching the bowl. And again, popcorn in the mouth. Cute. Grace is becoming concerned about how close Remi is.


Awwww....super close! And super cute. She's probably only giving her a kiss to lick popcorn butter off her lips!


  1. Haha! I loved reading the commentary - both in Part I and Part II! Hope you were able to get that patch kit!

  2. Rae - you're too funny. Yes, we need to get that soon. Before our next large group of company comes! And yes, G opening presents was insane! ;) And as far as the pillow pet goes...I'm just saying you better bring your best bargaining games because you'll need them to win that fight!


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