Thursday, December 30, 2010

Popcorn Drama (Part 1)

When Cody's friends came to visit, we blew up a bed for one of the guys. Well, I got pretty used to snuggling and relaxing sleeping on the blow up bed in the evenings. So, we left it up for awhile. This was especially awesome since we watched a ton of Christmas movies down there. (Elf, Home Alone, and Christmas Classic's over..and over.) Remi was also invited to this snuggle fest, however, when we made popcorn, she often got quite greedy about where her spot on the blowup bed was.

"Remi can be up here. Ya, cuz she's a good girl. And I like her."

The wheels in Remi's head are already turning. You can tell by that look!

Trying to make sure that no one is watching!

Notice that her nose is actually touching the popcorn bowl! Little stinker!

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