Monday, December 27, 2010

Myah and Grace...and one more!

These two are too cute! I wish Miss Myah and Gracie Mae could see more of each other - unfortunately, I don't get to see her Momma Jen as much as I want either! ;( ...But we try to stay in touch through the computer and a quick visit when we get back to Marshall. The fabulous Jen sent Grace this perfect little "puppy shirt," as she calls it. On our last visit, Miss Myah was wearing this shirt, and Grace happened to bring it along with, she of course needed to change into it. They are so cute together, but OH SO BUSY, I could barely get a couple photos snapped. But thought I better, so Grace can remember.
Myah's sooo sweet! We got to meet her new baby brother Tyler too. He's a charmer. Looks just like his dad!
And this last one, G and Poppa riding on the tractor, Poppa's waiting for snow. And he got some in December!

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