Monday, December 27, 2010

Late-Thanksgiving Post

I thought I better get around to posting some of these photos, before I take care of Christmas posting! These were from when we visited my parents in Marshall for Thanksgiving also. There was a small amount of snow, so some winter fun was had. We're looking forward to more winter fun this weekend when we head to Marshall. Although the gator isn't at Nana and Poppa's, I think snow fort building is in our future.

Here is Gracie and Hank. Too cute.
Don't all kids do this at some point. Also, Hank is HUGE at this point, with his winter weight on. Probably weighs half as much as G...and she thought she was going down the stairs with him and this purse full of junk goodies.
Here's Brooke and her cousin? Remi. Brooke looks frightened in this picture. By the way, Brooke has a love hate/hate relationship with Remi. She hates it when we come. Remi is just so puppy, and Brooke is just so old and skiddish. They got some play time in though too - Remi demolished both of Brooke's hedgehogs. Coming soon, picture of Remi and her shissher (sister) Macy. Now these two when they get together are a totally different story than Brooke and Remi! PUPPIES - UNITE! 
And a little fun in the snow! As you can see in this picture, there was very little snow making this a very cold and bumpy ride. Of course, G is screaming to go faster and up and down the ditches more and more! She had a great time. Hopefully she won't be disappointed when we can't use the gator this weekend because there is too much snow! 
Dad's pulling us this time. As you can see, G is inspecting the blanket situation on the sled and Brooke is doing, well whatever she's doing.

Stay tuned for some Christmas photos - and hopefully video! We had a great time at Cody's parents last weekend for Christmas. There was a ridiculous amount of (yummy) food and (fabulous) presents. A good time was had by all. However, Michele, we never did manage to break out the family present of "Family Game Night for the wii!

We have a busy schedule ahead - this weekend is Christmas with my parents in Marshall (pending on weather) next weekend is the Inaugural Ball (Cody and I are volunteering, so Cody's parents are coming to help with G) and the weekend after that my parents are planning to come for a weekend. A weekend of rest (so far) and then the last weekend in January we are headed back to MN for the Bierman family Christmas in Jeffers.

Hope you all had a blessed holiday (we certainly did) and will enjoy the New Year.

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  1. It looks like you had a marvelous time back in Minnesota! Brooke has such a lovely, kind old face. I just want to snuggle her! Did she get a replacement hedgehog or two since Remi ate hers? Ha.

    G is just the cutest little thing!


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