Tuesday, December 28, 2010


After Auntie Lyndsey and Levi (a family friend) spent the night at our house on Thursday night, we drove over the river (literally) and down the interstate to Grandma & Grandpa's house in Mitchell. The whole Richter family was there, what a blessing! Christmas Eve we went to church and enjoyed soups, dips and meatballs! Yum! We each got to open a gag gift...Mine was a HUGE DELUX flyswatter (I swear, fly swatters are not sold in stores), Grace got money for her "college," and Cody received his very own coloring book and crayons...He's been known to not let G color on the same page as him because he wants to make it "pretty." (Oh, and by the way, I'm posting this from our brand new laptop from Cody's parents! Big smiles!)

We put the Santa key out on Christmas Eve, and it worked. Because Santa certainly was at our house! Here is a glimpse at Christmas morning...

G, was taking a break from Christmas opening festivities, looks pretty comfy with her pillow pet and her Dora trunk as a foot-rest!

G will never know that you can actually put water in this sippy cup, feed it to the baby, and she'll pee it out into a diaper that you have to change. Mommy and Santa's little secret! ;)

Baby C's first Christmas!

I love this one of Baby C.

Levi and Cousin Connor...oh, Auntie is back there too! Your welcome! 

G checkin' out her loot! Chocolate face and all!

Great-Grands watching how busy G is with her new house

We had a fabulous weekend with the whole family. It was nice to relax and enjoy the kiddos with everyone. Oh, the shissers (Macy and Remi) had a great time together as well. Isabella, the enforcer, certainly had her way with the two big dogs, so funny to watch those tough, hunter labs bow down to this little tiny thing. We even went sledding on Christmas Day in Mitchell! That was so much fun - Grace has been talking all week about how we went sledding with Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Dean, Cousin Connor, Levi, and Mel. "But Auntie Erin didn't sled." She had a blast. Hopefully I can upload some of that video soon.

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  1. Look'it how excited G must've been while opening gifts - her hands are a blur in some of the pics! Haha too cute.

    Would she be a dear and share her pillow pet with me? Those are so cool, haha.


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