Thursday, November 18, 2010

Upstairs Bathroom

Project Bliss!!!
Even though this is actually in the downstairs bathroom, the upstairs bathroom vanity looked very similar to this:

I needed an update. I didn't mind the tiles in the upstairs bathroom and didn't want to risk ruining them getting a new vanity. So I decided to paint it. Here's outcome!

First, I took the drawers and cabinet front off. Primed and painted this green color. Second coat. Re-assemble...and then I used sandpaper and stain to get the distressed look. (Sorry for the ugly under cabinet/tampon shot!) Hah! Then new hardware, and wah-la!

Next steps for the upstairs bathroom -
1. New countertop and new faucet - in about a month we'll check that off the list
2. New mirror - same time frame
3. New light fixture - same time frame
4. New fixtures in the bathtub/shower -hopefully by the end of the winter
5. New window in the shower area - hopefully by the end of the winter

Oh, the house wish list keeps on a growin'! But I was happy with this shine-up for the vanity rather than replacing. The hardware was about $25 and the paint about the same. So it was about a $50 project. Cheers.

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